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    Have something to say about Ashampoo Burning Studio 2022? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Ashampoo Burning Studio 2022, post it here! If you know of issues with Ashampoo Burning Studio 2022, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Hello, Cannot activate Burning Studio license, I have an account at ASHAMPOO with this email. Please help me.

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    great app thanks

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    Hello! I did not receive an activation key for ashampoo burning studio 2022 … where can I get it?

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    I also have a “My Ashampoo” account for several years and also can’t register my program there?
    I receive the following message:
    Is Ashampoo Burning Studio 2022 only for new users !?

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    Does not give license key ?

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    Robert Black

    [ @Ashraf] Malwarebytes reports this as a PuP.

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    Phil Tobin

    Seriously over-praised, over-typed burning soft ware from a German company with a history of releasing stripped-down versions of its paid-up software as if the user is getting what they were led to believe.

    For the record: Ashampoo does NOT produce Burning Studio with year denominations for commercial / retail sale. It only produces that particular software with EDITION numbers. If you see a year number — as here — then you should appreciate it’s not a retail version that Ashampoo is giving away but the dumping of a stripped down version of an obsolete edition.

    More to the point, this is not any kind of studio at all, just a single-purpose burner of unreliable capability.

    Fed up of Nero’s bloat, I was an early adopter of Burning Studio and sang its praises far and wide. Not so now. In recent times when more and more video converters have resorted to helpful one-icon-click conversions (like, for example, Movavi) the result is a VOB file containing all the ingredients necessary for easy burning.

    But Ashampoo’s Burning Studio doesn’t think so. Finish up with a VOB file and you’re lost: Burning Studio will tell you a VOB file it isn’t a valid video file (what nonsense) and refuse to allow you to import it into the program.

    Importing videos isn’t always easy either; the program is hyper-picky about what it will accept and what it won’t. I recently had an ISO video file which it should’ve readily accepted but which, in full screen mode, it wouldn’t recognise. I repeatedly browsed to the folder where the ISO file was located but each time, Burning Studio found nothing at all.

    Bizarrely, It was possible to drag and drop the ISO file into Burning Studio’s weird Compact Mode — a mode never to be recommended to anyone, because once you drop in a file , the software immediately and idiotically races away at high speed without offering any chance to stipulate which settings should be used for the burn. So you finish up wasting your time and being left with a dud unplayable DVD.

    There are dozens of burning rivals out there to the Ashampoo product, many of them far worse but a few that are pretty food. Freemake’s product (which isn’t actually free, but nevertheless well worth paying for even if it’s only the few cents for a one-off weekly rental) comprehensively trounces Ashampoo’s by being able to convert and burn any file, be it VOB, ISO or whatever, in one go. It doesn’t offer Ashampoo’s silly and unnecessary ‘compact mode’ but it does instead perform steadily and reliably, not something one can say about ‘Burning Studio.’

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    [ @Phil Tobin]

    Thank you Phil for your very helpful comment.

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