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    Most of their programs are ok so i buy the ones i use even if as very often happens i only use them once or twice or there are free alternatives available,i behave stupid because i know the hardships involved in making workable programs, however many of these developers are no longer interested in their customers after receiving their money,i bought this program and many others from ashampoo ,after having to reinstall windows i tried to reinstall the new version 9 which is the latest i paid for, the program accepted the key which they had saved for me but when i tried to use the program refuse to start saying the key was already activated,this is one of the latest underhand ploy being use by MANY developers, another is this ” You get free updates for the same major version ” check and see,many programs no longer even have an update link because any minor change is deemed to be a new version and must be paid for anew !, we are all feeling the squeezes of higher prices, not just software developers and this is not a road you want to be taking for you will get lost,show more respect and understanding for your customers if you want to depend on their continuing support, your software might be ok but the human interface side of things also needs to be improved and updated.

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    Nektar Software

    the downloaded exe file, SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Ashampoo_Photo_Optimizer_8_hub.exe, does not work.

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