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    Have something to say about Audials Radio 2021 Edition? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Audials Radio 2021 Edition, post it here! If you know of issues with Audials Radio 2021 Edition, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Chris Bresler

    Hi, the installation file does not work. It extracted correctly, but nothing happens when you click on it. I have tried it several times.

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    Dean Berglund

    Downloaded the Giveaway file to install but when i click on it either regular or in Administrator mode, It says i need an internet connection to install. I do have an internet connection and I disabled my antivirus and Firewall but I still get the same error message. It won’t download the necessary installation files and install.

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    Same problems as Dean Berglund. Just wasted my time and resources on this.

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    Downloads a .zip file containing 2 .exe files. Both are named with 2021 in the filename. Clicked on one and it asked for elevated credentials (admin) to install and said downloading files, then stuck around 75% for ~2 minutes. Now its asking me to register and I couldn’t login using my account. Had to change my password and now I can login.

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    When you use VirusTotal.com be sure to unzip the files first.
    The zip file did not show any negative hits.
    However, both the exe files inside the zip file showed a couple of hits.
    VirusTotal used 69 different vendor checks.
    2 vendors reported problems with both exe files.
    Doesn’t sound like a big problem, but that is the point of using VirusTotal.
    All it takes is one hit to compromise your computer.

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    Thank you for your awesome advice.

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    Freddy Jacobs

    I also got two .exe files in my zip file, Audials Radio 2021 Edition.exe and RadioEdition-Setup-2021.0.118.0.
    Which of the two is the right file?
    Thanks in advance for an answer.

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    Kaoi Masteres

    I’ve installed and run. No Popup, no Free Shareware. I get only the Demo. Sorry, but I am not amused about that. I feel fooled and I am very angry about this FREE Shareware, that gives me only the Demo. It doesn’t matter what I do. Deinstallation with clearing all include Registry, re-installation — the same. I get EVERY Time ONLY the Demo -.-.
    I don’t need such a … *****

    Sorry about my English, is not my language.

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    [@Freddy Jacobs]
    If I were you, I’d go for Audials Radio 2021 Edition setup, as this is what this giveaway is about.

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    Freddy Jacobs

    Thank you, I’ll wait a little longer if there are other thoughts, but your thought doesn’t seem bad to me.
    Freddy Jacobs.

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    Freddy Jacobs

    I did what you suggested and yes it works (I already had an account).
    Thanks again.
    Freddy Jacobs.

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    This giveaway installation file is deffect – !!!!! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT !!!!!

    Can’t get it to install – the situation is like Dean Berglund’s.

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    Sludge Hound

    Have had a few of their programs, ok. This one I ran the first of the 2 Audials Radio 2021 Edition.exe figuring it ends in the .exe Worked ok.
    Installation hung @ 2/3 way then completed with msg about Server is busy right now. Do you want to quit? Just waited a few seconds and up popped Finished. It found my account for sign in and the Activate button worked right away. Launches fast. Didn’t seem to find my playlist, at least first time. Maybe I had deleted the whole prior installation in favor of other apps.
    Thanks for chance to run it again.

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