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    Have something to say about Audials Radio 2024? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Audials Radio 2024, post it here! If you know of issues with Audials Radio 2024, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    This is a good program it works as i expected a lot of work and thinking went into this . I bought the 2023 version earlier in the year and now the 2024 version is free i dont know what ( if any ) changes were made but can someone just make it possible for us to update to 2024 version using the 2023 key ? or do we have to install both paid and free versions if there are any benefits to be had doing that .

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    “can someone just make it possible for us to update to 2024 version using the 2023 key ? or do we have to install both paid and free versions if there are any benefits to be had doing that .”

    That would be great for me too as I own Audials One 2023, but again here they are offering Audials Radio 2024 SE. I have not been able to identify the differences between the SE and paid versions. It’s pretty clear they want you to pay (in my case $29.95) each year to update the program.

    Although I agree Audials are very good programs, I’m just not seeing anything new in the 2024 versions that would want me to pay to upgrade this year. However, I have downloaded the two Audials SE programs offered here and will likely pay to upgrade next year after reviewing the new features.

    Again, thank you for offering this very good program.

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    Despite my active and working internet connection, the program simply does not download, and this is after 4 attempts. Help, please.

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    I dont know this company or the people behind it but in all fairness i must say that the program works however i also agree it does have a learning curve but not very steep also there is a lot of help, you can start at the top of the program where you will see a ” get to know ” link , there is also the problem of there being a lot of variants to the program with many different names i only have the audio versions no movies or videos most dirty up word of all it seems as for the program to work properly you have to first make an account on their site and log in everytime you use the program something i will not do and may eventually put me off from the program the reason for this is not clear thats not what i paid for upgrade might be out for me because of this .

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    This is the first!!! offer that has been flagged by Microsoft as having a Virus. Please check your download package.

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    Audials Radio 2024 est un logiciel que je recommande vivement à tous les amateurs de radio. Il permet d’écouter et d’enregistrer facilement des milliers de stations du monde entier, avec une qualité sonore irréprochable. J’aime beaucoup la possibilité de créer des listes de favoris, de rechercher des radios par genre, pays ou langue, et de découvrir de nouveaux artistes grâce aux suggestions personnalisées. Le seul bémol que je peux lui trouver, c’est qu’il provoque parfois des problèmes d’affichage sur mon écran quand je le ferme et que je lance une autre application. Je ne sais pas si c’est un bug du logiciel ou de ma carte graphique, mais c’est un peu gênant. Malgré cela, je trouve que Audials Radio 2024 est un excellent logiciel qui vaut le coup d’être essayé.

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    This does not want to install the installer is just a stub and it downloads a 100MB rar file it fails to detect 7z in it, extracting everything from the rar gives msi installers to trial versions of most audilas apps yet none of them is the pro version either the stub needs to be fixed or the payload updated.

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    Sorry, but there is no registration key for a 100% discount for to access this software, I have no choice, but to buy an annual subscription, the keys are are very long string of numbers, not something simple to put in. Audials does it’s best to limit on how many users can use this software. It’s not a 100% discount, it’s just a special edition that requires an upgrade and subscripton each year.

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    when running the installer , after choosing directory to install i get an error says :”Setup requires a working internet connection to proceed. make sure your computer is connected to the internet”

    algthou my internet is working fine ..
    whats wrong ?

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