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    Have something to say about Audials TV Recorder 2020? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Audials TV Recorder 2020, post it here! If you know of issues with Audials TV Recorder 2020, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    O que precisa fazer pra ganhar um código da tv Audials

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    Peter Blaise

    All I get when running the mini-setup is

    Audials TV Recorder 2020 Setup has
    stopped working

    A problem caused the program to stop
    working correctly. Please close the program.
    [ -> Close the program ]

    I presume there is an immediate incompatibility between the program and something about my system, but Audials does not diagnose or report anything, it just exits.

    There’s no answer at Audials “support” forums.

    Audials has no “contact us” link.

    Audials seem averse to join in these threads.

    I thought these giveaways were marketing opportunities to build goodwill and a good reputation for the vendors.


    Audials doesn’t really need good will and a good reputation?

    Alrighty then.

    Good to know.

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    [ @Peter Blaise] : ) I’ll wait to see what response you receive before downloading . . .

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    App fails to install. Are there any issues with Virus protection that one needs to be aware of?

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    installation failed

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    Miss Pita

    I got it to install, but it just asked for my name, no email, so it is NOT activated! :(

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    [ @Peter Blaise],

    Good to see you over here as well. Not sure whether this relates to your comment, but a couple years back I had the supposedly portable version of ‘Audials One’ (a BIG, swiss-army-knife multimedia program of theirs) installed to a bootable flashdrive. Nevertheless, it insisted on regularly writing a bunch of stuff onto the Windows boot drive, the Registry included — the whole point of what you seek to avoid by going the “portable” route — and doing various other unwanted, intrusive actions the details of which I no longer recall. So, I decided that this was a program I did not need, uninstalling all traces of it that I could find, and re-purposing that flashdrive. I have not had any adventures with any of their software ever since. They do seem to have a major name in this field, though I’m not in any position to say ‘Why’.

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    Jeffrey Siegel

    Will not download. Says no internet connection, which there is since I entered the link to download the file and a setup screen appeared via a zip file.

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    LeO Elsinga

    After install it wants you to register and make an account for free, the program asked to many questions that i don´t want to give. So i uninstalled it directly. This are not giveaways but tools to collect personal data.

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    Unable to locate Activation Key

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    drvajra sharma

    It is annoying that no one from the vendor of Ashraf’s team is reading these comments / concerns and offering solutions.

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    [ @Ashraf]

    2 separate attempts to install after unziping the set up. each time it fails. it gets past the NET comment. I am installing in a purpose named folder on my external hard disk which I use for all large programs. I already have audials 2018radio installed.

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    installation failed :(

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    Installation downloaded and installed fine; however, I did not have a password for Audials. I had the option to sign in with my FB account. Now, I have a BUY NOW message on the bottom right. Wrote in the feedback option but no answer yet. Help for ACIVATE only refers to what to do after you have purchased a license. Waiting for a reply

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