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    Have something to say about AvarTalk? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than AvarTalk, post it here! If you know of issues with AvarTalk, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Well I am not sure about this item.
    I installed it and the second i ran it Malwarebytes flagged it as malware and then quarantined it.
    Also during install it wants to replace Windows files.

    I like the offer but i trust Malwarebytes, be careful.

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    Thank you for the Freebie, Im always up for something free so I downloaded this with great expectations, downloaded and installed all went ok until I tried to use it and discovered it is crippledware with a 100 character limit, so it makes this Freebie useless, it is nothing more than a tryout so I will say thanks but no thanks, uninstalled !!

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    There is no .exe file. Something is downloaded but you have to scroll your files to find it. When trying to run it, it says “unknown” and install is aborted.

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    Install without problem but, the image is so ugly and the voice is not good. Can not use for any purpose.
    Thanks anyway.

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    I’m sorry to say that but both Malwarebytes and Zemana have flagged this as malware. The application is not digitally signed, too. Thus, Voodooshield considers this application harmful, as well.

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    Scott Shannon

    The version in this giveaway is AvarTalk LE. This has a limitation of only 100 characters. IMHO it is not worth downloading.

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    Rusty Hill

    There is an installation error when I start the program and there is no help for that. 100% worthless I will uninstall it. Syavar seems to have problems with every product as a result I will be avoiding their products in the future.

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    Wow…only 100 characters allowed…it’s time to try a few swear words…and then uninstalling this.
    Oh, it’s Syvir again ! Ok, I understand now…

    So, thanks for AvarCrap, but no, thanks.

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    [@HarFanG] I can not install it either and the product page show only positive reviews? When downgrading, my vote “disappears”?

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