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    Have something to say about AVG PC TuneUp? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than AVG PC TuneUp, post it here! If you know of issues with AVG PC TuneUp, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Abdur Rahim.

    Thank you very much for the software! I know this since 2012. It is a proven tool for PC tune up very effectively and positively without any unwanted deletion, like other software use to do of its kind. Though it is expensive not everyone can effort it. So, a great thanks to Mr. Ashraf for the wonderful gift !!

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    Useful program. But if it is supposed to make old PCs run faster, shouldn’t it be able to run on Windows XP?

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    Antoine Thanh Tuan

    Thank you so much for giving away good software! You are very nice! I have just known you since a week only but your work is so useful and so appreciated! Thank you again for your kindness!

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    Thank you for this free software. I was using this program since 10 years. It was always very useful.

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    één vraagje is dit wel verstandig dit te gebruiken samen bij Vanden Borre My Security als virusscanner
    waar ook zo iets gelijkwaardig in zit
    GR: Danny

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    I wonder how AVG PC TuneUp compares to Ashampoo WinOptimizer 15 and Wise Care 365 Pro?

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    The AVGtuneup deleted all my shortcuts, environment path and start menu folders and shorcuts.
    oh my god, what stupidity on the part of this program. Instead of helping, sabotage my system.

    TUNEUP with The AVG compañy is a shit.

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    Peter Thomas

    great app & easy to use

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    Peter Blaise

    [ Strike 1 ] : AVG PC Tuneup cannot be installed on a computer that is not on the Internet, the “installer” merely phones home and builds a REAL installation under [ C:\Windows\Temp ] ( NOT my temp variables which are C:\Temp ).

    [ Strike 2 ] : The SharewareOnSale version AND the web trial version failed to install ( ending with a meaningless error code.

    [ Strike 3 ] : The failure / exit window offered a [ Click here ] to have AVG techs take over my computer to make their software work.


    No wonder Avast bought AVG and is looking to monetize ANYTHING of value from AVG — apparently the only thing they have left is a remote-take-over sales pressure scam to upsell naive trial users.

    Out it comes.

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    >But if it is supposed to make old PCs run faster, shouldn’t it be able to run on Windows XP?
    I think you mis-read what the statement says. It states “Makes old PCs live longer” (not faster).

    It makes “New PCs run faster” (as in run away)

    Old PCs cannot really use this software (to install, PCs must be less than 8 years old (since Windows 7 came out, 2009)). I cannot consider that old.

    The reason the Old PCs live longer is because old PCs, such as those that have XP, cannot be infected by this software.

    After many years using, programming, and maintaining PCs, I have attempted to test and use AVG products whenever something new came out, but not any more.

    AVG, having been in the AntiVirus business, has used some of the tricks of the viruses. I found that one of their products that was intended to protect your web browsing, had multiple hooks to prevent its removal (remove one hook, it gets repaired). It could not be removed through the common Programs Uninstall list. Their online help steps to remove the software merely insured that it was installed with all its hooks re-instated. At that point, I no longer risk or recommend using any of the AVG products, no matter how fantastic they may be now.

    I do not know if this product can be un-installed easily, or do I know if it works well.

    Thankfully there are many alternative to anything in their product line.

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    Thanks, works for me!

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    Thank you,Ashraf!

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    Piotr Tymiński

    This AVG thing is merely a rebranded version of TuneUp Utilities 2013, which they purchased, put their name on it and ask you to pay yearly “subscription” – same as with their antivirus.
    I purchased TuneUP Utilities ages ago (one time payment, as it used to be with NORMAL software long time ago) and it still works flawlessly. Having taken over the database of their old customers, AVG used to nag me to buy “new, improved version”, which is essentialy the same as 2013 version of TuneUp and then keep paying for it year after year all over again.
    Sorry, no deal. Ever with a “free” version from here.

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    For me when they were the realTuneUp independent of AVG In 2008 was better. I think that now the desktop computer is far slower after install AVGtuneup, they are doing Installations of heavy things: (.net frameworks, services, automatic tasks, large and innecesaries spaces on disk) realtime consumption impact, inside the process. There is nothing honest about installing it, just to take up space, memory and automatic task schedule, and monitor people activities. dont exist a way to disable services and put manual the cleaners. is better to continue with Ccleaner, yamicsoft, Regseeker & others programs.

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