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    Have something to say about BACKUP-TUBE? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than BACKUP-TUBE, post it here! If you know of issues with BACKUP-TUBE, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    i recieved your software thr sharewareonsale , but it is not working.
    please help

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    Peter Blaise

    A hand in your face means MANUAL
    A car means AUTO
    Get it?
    Do they think we are kindergartners?

    An inverted pick-ax means BACKUP
    An upright pick-ax means RESTORE
    Do they think we are kindergartners?

    Okay, moving on from first impressions of Lego-style icons …

    It does not offer to backup across one’s own network.
    Do they think we are kindergartners?

    Logging is turned off by default, we may want to “activate” logs first, but the logs are arduous to the point of uselessness.

    The program makes one log presentation per task per day regardless of how many times we run that task, so running 2 separate backups via the same task will not be identifiable in the logs, so, for example, running a backup twice, and then checking the log to see what the second backup did, reveals nothing, because that’s not how the log presentation works, the subsequent running of the same task will fold into the existing presentation, so if the second running of a task did anything, we do not know if it did the same thing as the first time, or did more, or did less, or did nothing, there is no way to know from the logs.

    There is a live, scrollable report window under the task where we can inspect, but no export to text, and no conversion of a task to a command-line shortcut.

    We can work-around the program being unable to see network-connected drives-shares by using direct nomenclature such as
    [ \\networked-pc\shared-drive\directory ]
    but we have to initially build the task using any “real” location first, then manually type in the network destination before running the task ( before clicking the inverted pick-ax ).

    What scant menus there are, are in German – [ AUTOBACKUP beenden ] … Google translates “beenden” as “break up” … so I have no idea what happens when clicking this, except it fades to gray and toggles a red thingy or a green thingy.

    There’s not a lot of clue that it’s running except some things are grayed out … how do we stop it or pause it … I guess by exiting the program … but will it’s AUTO tasks run if we kill the program?

    There’s no way of knowing or controlling from the program.

    When will AUTO tasks run?

    There’s no way of knowing or controlling from the program.

    If we reboot, will AUTO tasks resume?

    There’s no way of knowing or controlling from the program.

    It’s a very basic communicationless controlless utility.

    It’s a little like using a screwdriver to cut bread.

    This is a 1-year fully functional trial … the expiration is whimsical, not based on any need for periodic security updates or anything that relates to getting old as if getting old were a failure or would cause dysfunction.

    I want to like it, it’s cute and appears to have backed up, I dunno, it gives me no reason to trust it.

    It has no compare-and-verify that the backup was successful – backup without compare-and-verify is naive.

    I’m not sure that the programmer’s intentions are, it’s a little too much of stuff-happening-behind-a-curtain, there’s no way to see, know, control.

    Alternative: The beauty of using free included-in-Windows RoboCopy, or even XCopy, is that the same investment of our time and effort will result in us writing our own little one-liner command-line batch files that we can easily take with us anywhere, use over and over, have total control and reporting, with no expiration.

    Windows already comes with great utilities.

    We need to learn how to use them first before looking for replacements.

    Why go shopping to buy a new car when we haven’t even opened our own garage to see – oh, look, RoboCopy and XCopy!

    Thanks, but …

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    Sorry, but my message of a few days was probably not published.
    @vijayathwani: Please contact us with a detailed description of the error via our homepage. We are happy to help.

    Blaise: A backup in the network is no problem with our software. The first time you start the software, it is started with admin rights. In this case, however, Microsoft prevents network access. Otherwise, however, it is no problem.
    If you lack the fantasy with our icon, you should perhaps go to kindergarten again.
    Otherwise, we keep our software as simple as possible, without all the frills.

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