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    Zemana Anti – Malware is blocking installation of Backupery for Gmail claiming that the file is infected !!!!

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    when I clik on renew licence…NOTHING happens !!!
    impossible to register

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    Simply installing the Application shows it’ll run until 1st Nov 2016
    However, inserting the license code given (in the ‘Help’ > ‘Prolong License’ field) shows it’ll run until 8th Sept 2016 [Yes – a date in the past!!]
    I’ve uninstalled and re-installed, again adding the License key given by SoftwareOnSale, with the same result!!

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    download contained malware detected by two different programs, and two seperate downloads

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    [@JohnW2] restart the app and it should say 2116 instead

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    invalid license key?

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    Sept 8, 2116 hey Sept 8th is my Birthday, lets see I will be 162 when expires, that’s a hell of a good deal. Put the sn in, restart the new date will be there. The reason you are getting 1 or 2 malware-alerts is it reads information form your computer and account. It’s positives and don’t worry about it. Just Google sniffing around in your shorts, I mean pc.

    I ran it or I should say IT ran itself, but then at the end blew a gasket and got an error. Next Backup 2 mins ago LOL Got to love the nuts at Google. Backup in progress……8.7 meg next backup 3 mins ago. and ——->>>>> READ THIS To enable cloud backup please contact us at contact@backupery.com <<<<<——– WHY do we have to contact them just make it active when we start it. 0.0 bytes backed up on the last run.

    ONE OR MORE ERRORS OCCURED…….I can see why it’s free and people paid 99 bucks for this junk??? WOW UNINSTALL!!!!

    Thanks but NO THANKS

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    [@solly] IT’S GARBAGE UNINSTALL then run ccleaner to rid the registry of leftovers. Don’t waste your time with this junk.

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    Joel Dubow

    I installed the license key I was sent. I pasted it just where I was told, in the “prolong license” box. My expiration date is now “Sept. 10, 2016”. That is much shorter than is should be. How can this be corrected?


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    I was so interested in BackUpery that I downloaded then I seen backup helper which I did not want to deal with, I have no problems downloading any software with no problem & am uncomfortable using any type of helper. Thank You

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