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    Bitdefender is not free…. Just a 90 days trial

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    Kathan Patel

    Bitdefender ends up giving 90 days free trial which is still not bad for such a good program.

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    2018 is only a 3-months trial, not a full free version, which other vendors give for at least a year.

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    not good their is a problem to install

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    Sandip Biranwar

    I have used this AV more than others and certainly say that its best AV.

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    I was sent an email after submitting my email on the giveaway page, but when clicking on the download link within the email, I am sent to “Server not found for mandrillapp.com”. Upon clicking both the ‘questions’ and ‘contact support team’ links, I am sent to a ‘server not found’ page as well. So I went to the ‘mandrillapp.com’ site, and this is their message:
    On April 27, Mandrill became a paid MailChimp add-on. Any Mandrill accounts that weren’t linked to a MailChimp account by May 11, 2016 have been disabled and can no longer be accessed. For more information, see this blog post.
    To continue using Mandrill, add Mandrill to your MailChimp account.
    To my knowledge, one would have to pay in order to access bitdefender.com, if it even exists anymore. I tried this on Firefox, Edge, and IE browsers.

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    I apologize, but I did a bit more searching. I manually went to bitdefender.com, and the site is active, but it is all 2018 products. There is no access to 2017 software from what I had scanned through.

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    I used this AV solution, Bitdefender, from 2008, on 4 station. From now nothing infected. It’s great. it’s fantastic :)

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    I must apologize once again. Maybe there was something wrong with my internet, because I tried one more time accessing the link through my email and I was successful. I find it odd that I was able to access some sites and unable to access others simultaneously. Sorry for the confusion.

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    hugo wulffraat

    Trial Version Only

    ¡Looks Like An Email Hoarder Only!

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    Erick Vazquez

    Muchas gracias por el aporte.

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    olgun seker

    Bir bilgisayar teknisyeni ve piyasada birçok anti-virüs programlarının bugün için bir kodlayıcı olarak, dürüstçe bu şimdiye kadar kullandığım en iyi AV ürün olduğunu söyleyebiliriz.

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    Grazie infinite per questa opurtunità! Bitdefender Total Security è il miglior antivirus in circolazione e per questo sono grato a SharewareOnSale per questa offerta imperibile.

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