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    Have something to say about BitSilo? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than BitSilo, post it here! If you know of issues with BitSilo, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Avast reports Bitsilo as malware? Please make sure and give notice

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    [@Jacobbl1980] I am the developer of BitSilo and can assure you BitSilo contains no malware. I will work with Avast to eliminate this false positive.
    Marvin Hymowech

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    I have some problem. This software doesn’t work on Windows 10. I mean when i double click it the application doesn’t work.
    Who can help me please.

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    This app contains no malware i know
    I should say AVAST! is a bad anti-virus application
    I recomend to use Kaspersky or Avira

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    [@JAMES CHANG’05] Hi James, Can you give me more details? What happens exactly when you double-click? – Marvin Hymowech, MollieSoft

    [@JAMES CHANG’05]

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    [@JAMES CHANG’05] You can email me at support@molliesoft.com with more details. Thanks, Marvin Hymowech

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    Peter Blaise

    Does BitSilo make STANDARD COPIES OF FILES that I can browse using Windows Explorer?

    Their FAQ seemed to miss this detail, as if the ONLY way to see a BitSilo-backed-up file would be to search and restore from WITHIN BitSilo.

    ( Otherwise, why not use Microsoft’s included Robocopy or XCopy instead, that make 100% NORMAL copies? )

    PS, Sharaf, reCAPTCHA is going bazonkers with multiple “identify the signs, no, cars, no, roads, no, signs, no, cars, no, roads … can we just sign in and avoid that noise, it MUST be driving people away.

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    Hi, my antivirus says it’s clean but I get a windows warning message when installing though, and when I click “about BitSilo” to go to your website within the program AdGuard shows your page it is not safe someting like downloadroute.com https://ibb.co/gKcYtb

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    [@Peter Blaise] Yes, BitSilo makes standard copies of files. The files are organized in the archive based on options you select for the Backup Set. For example, if in the Backup Set Edit dialog you select the options “Folder archive” and “Full directory names” you will be able to Windows Explorer to browse the backed up files. Other options organize the files differently for efficiency, e.g. files can be saved in a standard Zip archive (also browseable directly via Explorer) or you can choose to “index” the directory names, which reduces directory names to an integer code rather than the full text of the directory path. A little experimentation with these formats should make this clear.
    – Marvin Hymowech, MollieSoft

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    [@G667] The Windows warning message is simply due to the msi file being dated less than one week ago; this usually goes away in a week. No idea why AdGuard doesn’t like my site; It is a very simple and harmless web site I set up to distribute my software. Nothing dirty going on here…
    Marvin Hymowech, MollieSoft

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    Ok pretty horsey program. Ran & activate Ok Windows 10 x64 Pro. Primitive navigation system. I installed to internal D: to copy a test directory from C: Prg offers two methods, smaller Zip size backup vs regular Folder. There’s no GO button per se. Instead once select the file or Directory to be backed up (first though determine where that’s to go since default is C:) then the backup will be running automatically. Meaning you won’t know it’s running until it beeps and shows it’s over. I hit the Journal History button which will list (with some lags) the files within the now backed up Directory. Just a minute & half for fair size one.
    I would NOT choose this kind of program to do an entire C: copy to D: the way free Macrium Reflect does. Seems designed more for just backing up files that get a lot of changes each day (say Word, Excel, stock program, etc.).
    Given the overall look/feel it’s like a 5/10 scale. Note it will show Trial version at first but will switch to Perm once the SOS Activation key goes through. And seems to check for valid license in background upon each launch, no biggie.

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    Can BitSilo be installed on a thumb drive or does it involve Registry entries, etc… for a specific PC?

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    Quach Phat Thang

    Hello everyone here,

    My name’s Thang & I’m from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I have some problems that need your help!
    Firstly, thank SharewareOnSale & MollieSoft for this giveaway!
    Secondly, this is my problem. I have downloaded this giveaway since yesterday. After installing, I have met some issues when running the program. I haven’t used this program in my computer before but the program reported to me issues of licensing :(
    Finally, I hope someone will give me some assistance :D Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,
    Quach Phat Thang

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    [@dan] Once it is installed on a single PC, you could copy %programfiles(x86)%\BitSilo to a thumb drive and run it from there. However, on any PC you run it on, it will obtain a 60-day trial license and write this and other info to %localappdata%\BitSilo on the target PC. Ultimately, you would need a license for each PC you use it on (past the 60 day first-use date).
    – Marvin Hymowech, MollieSoft

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