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    Have something to say about Black Bird Cleaner PRO? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Black Bird Cleaner PRO, post it here! If you know of issues with Black Bird Cleaner PRO, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    do not install.is for powerful configurations, maybe. I started the application on a 2in1 hp. 40 minutes still runs. I can’t stop him. slowed down the system very hard. is the first and last use. if at a capacity of 64+128gb is at 94% after 50 minutes, at a capacity of 1Tb how long does it last? says he deleted 117mb. after you finish, uninstall the application

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    after 1 hour, I stopped the application with task manager. I uninstalled the application that for 30 minutes stood at 94.5%. a piece of crap

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    Peter Blaise

    Agreed, there is no information or control over the internal decisions or actions the program will make, no explanation for unusual descriptions like “Normalizing the Filepage” ( web search those terms and get nothing ! ).

    The presentation window is not resizable, a clue to the programmer’s lack of interest in their customer’s equipment – we have large display screens, and high-pixel-count display screens, and sometimes safe-mode low-pixel-representation display screens, yet they do not respect that.

    Black Bird Cleaner DOES have some neat advantages though:

    – WIM FILES: The Disk Analyzer feature sorts a drive in file-size order, and there at the top was the Windows wim file for the original Windows installation, which I had copied to C:\i386 ( good for me, copy the installation media to C:\i386 immediately after installing Windows ) … a wim file needed by Hasleo EasyEUFI Windows to USB, I note that Hasleo can not find that wim file at all let alone as fast as Balck Bird.

    – DELETE SERVICE: it has the ability to delete a service, not just turn it on or off, and that’s a useful utility, like for when a service hangs around and prevents installing a later version, or hangs around after uninstalling a program.

    – FIND INSTALLERS: it quickly found installers, such as under IObit’s self-updates, installers that I can right-click on and open the folder and move to my own C:\Install\… directories for use on-demand and copying then from computer to computer for use elsewhere.

    – FIND ZIPS: same as quickly finding installers, nice to quickly locate zips, and do whatever I prefer with them.

    I will not be using the cleaner or optimizer features.

    If wanted to learn more about them in spite of the programmers, I’d try these steps:
    – make a restore point
    – reboot
    – make another restore point
    – run ONE selection from cleaning or optimizing
    – reboot
    – inspect my computer for a full day of hands-on-experience
    – restore to previous if anything misbehaves or if I was missing something
    – make a note to never use that Black Bird feature again

    … repeat TRYING ONE BLACK BIRD FEATURE PER DAY until I either master the program, or never never never use the cleaning and optimizing features ever again.

    Are we smart yet?

    Alternatives to cleaning … seriously?

    Free Temp File Cleaner by Old Timer form [ BleepingComputer. com ]
    Free Temp File Cleaner v3 from Add PCs ( web search off their site )
    Free KCleaner by [ KCSoftwares. com ]
    Free Glary Utilities
    Free CCleaner OLD versions only, who knows the safest version number? Please share, I do not use it anymore.
    Free IObit Advanced System Care with no registry cleaning, just turn off registry cleaning.
    Free Revo Uninstaller cleaning tool.
    Free Wise Cleaner
    Free YLComputing WinUtilities [ PCClean. io ]
    … endless.

    Others may share their favorites – PLEASE.

    Black Bird has a -l-o-n-g- way to go to earn recognition:

    – explain in precise detail each action,
    – let us control each action, that is, show us a “found these results, toggle each item before deletion begins”
    – resize the presentation windows,
    – include undo feature,
    – make copious logs of actions.

    Note, [ BlackBirdCleaning. com] has free non-pro versions of all of their software, and they have a variety of tools that do offer some features and benefits that I have used successfully, and appreciate, so check them out and compare to alternatives.

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    Hasn’t been updated since 2017. I’ll stick with CCleaner.

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