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    Have something to say about Block Webcam and Microphone? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Block Webcam and Microphone, post it here! If you know of issues with Block Webcam and Microphone, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Isn’t this part of Win 10 now?

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    Hi. Yes. similar with win 10.
    But this application can set allow/disallow application via “digital signature”

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    Actually all software performs “digital signature” tasks. Can you please explain EXACTLY how this differs from Windows 10? Installing 3rd party applications should be done only if they add necessary and specific functions not provided by the OS.

    1. How does it differ? Please do not respond with a vague “digital signature” explanation, most people who frequent this site are technically able to grasp explanations, so please let us know.

    2. Is this an older version? Are there newer versions planned to add more features, and if so what features and when is it expected?

    I have read some comments (admittedly that have only provided opinion, haven’t seen any physical proof) that this software actually contains a backdoor installer that actually calls “home”, presumably to allow direct access to the user’s cam and mic without the need for hacking. Are you aware of those comments? If so, what is your response.

    Thank you for providing the software to sharewareonsale.com patrons, and thank you for your responses.

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    I apologize for my remarks regarding the digital signatures, upon rereading your post i see what you were getting at was the ability to allow/disallow individual applications. Please disregard that, but I would appreciate any description as to what other features your software has, how those features differ from other solutions, either Microsoft or third-party.

    Also, your response to my security concerns would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    89$ just for locking a webcam…Is that a joke ?

    Pro-tip : when not needed, simply unplug the webcam, or put some paper on it if you’re using a laptop.

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    My PC camera which sits on top of the monitor screen I just place a baseball cap over it, much cheaper and I can wear the cap on sunny days.

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    Hi ?
    Sorry for late reply. There was a problem with POSTING.

    1. Differences from other programs.
     – I guess, but I think other programs will control webcam using API injection hooking. Of course, we also used API hooking at first. However, in this case, some programs were unable to control.
    So we replaced it with a method of hooking up the registry at the kernel level. In other words, when some program tries to acquire cam/microphone information, webcam/microphone control is performed at this point.

    – In addition, when the main application(“Block Webcam and Microphone”) is terminated, all programs can not access webcam except the default program of Windows O/S.

    – I think that controlling the webcam/microphone by process is similar with another programs. (Ref:: I have tested what Microsoft provided, but found that webcam can be activated with a non-Microsoft product.)

    2. How we use
    – To allow/disallow the webcam application:
       – Specify specific applications (for allowing or disallowing)
       – Specify “Digital Signature” (for allowing or disallowing): allow or disallow application corresponding to “Digital Siginature”
       – allow or disallow all applications in a specific folders.
       – A program that does not correspond to allow or disallow try to use webcam, then show alert window that ask the user whether allow or disallow it.

    3. Planning.
      – Some users said that they want to control the webcam by URL in the Browser.
        Therefore, we have studied this functionality, and it take about two months to supply this functions.
        Browser currently considered IE, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and FireFox.

    4.About backdoor
    “I have read some comments (admittedly, that I have not provided any physical proofs) that actually contains a backdoor installer that actually calls” home “, presumably to allow direct access to the user’s cam and mic without the If you are a hacker, you need to be careful.

    I have never seen this comment.
    The product does not have the ability to use webcam and microphone. Therefore, the backdoor can not exist. There is no any backdoor on our applications. We are a company that does business normally. I do not have a way to stop myself by arranging BackDoor.

    Thank you for your feedback.
    If you have any ideas or features for product development, we will actively reflect them.

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    [@Pacwest] “Elementary my dear Watson.” :)

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    The software installed in Spanish !! How do I get it to change/display English language ??

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    The software installed in Spanish !!
    How do I get it to change/display English language ??

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    To change language,
    Please click ‘Option’ menu on the left panel,
    and then, window that can change language is displayed.
    on this window, select language.
    if you have any problem, please let me know

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    Hi. everyone…

    The ‘Block Webcam and microphone’ product allows only WebCam or Microphone to be used for the applications that are allowed.
    This helps prevent malware, Ransomware, etc. from leaking your personal information using your your WebCam or Microphone.
    In addition, if a malicious program attempts to use the WebCam, it immediately blocks it and logs it.

    Related Videos
    * Quick Guide: https://youtu.be/090U2Soy0Ks
    * Tutorial: https://youtu.be/Rqt8efpyWZM
    * See more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW9UHqHn07a5Tk_L2bmsXyw

    If you have any questions, please let me know.


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