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    Have something to say about CintaNotes PRO? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than CintaNotes PRO, post it here! If you know of issues with CintaNotes PRO, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    What languages does the program support?

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    At least in English and French. Probably, more languages, but I have delete unnecessary languages for me. For sure, CintaNotes has a multilingual user interface.
    I have this software, a good one, obtained in Giveaways, two or three months ago, same version, … but, in the same time, … it’s the last version.

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    All the Reviews are outdated, I quote Wikipedia : CintaNotes is a freemium Microsoft Windows notetaking program. It provides a way to store and retrieve text collected from other documents or websites. Since version 3.0 CintaNotes supports attaching files and images to notes.

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    So far so good…. Installed Perfectly, will test features,and setup for my liking. Thank You!!! it is appreciated.

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    Where/what is the license key? No sign of it anywhere.

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    Will not register – all steps followed but still sows 10 day trail

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    Cintanotes downloaded and installed without issue (Windows 10), and the Registration process worked fine (following the instructions from sharewareonsale).

    The program itself seems to be under ongoing development, although perhaps slowly based upon comments on the User Forum, and a new version – 4 – is on the way (and, indeed, should have been released by now, per entries on the forum). Although it is not my first choice, am glad to see CN on the market.

    As with any “PIM,” the user interface is a matter of personal preference, and there are undoubtedly a wide range of uses to which a creative person could find for it. From a personal perspective, I found the interface off-setting and felt Cintanotes lacks key features as compared to MY PIMs of choice: RightNote Pro and EssentialPIM.

    Ver 4 of CN may narrow the gap(s), of course, but it is difficult to imagine that happening in one step.

    For now, EssentialPIM’s big advantage – beyond being a “full” PIM (Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Email, Tasks & a Password module) – is its ability to sync with a native Android version. The Notes module itself is suitable for shorter notes, especially those which may require Action, with the ability to convert a “Note” to a “Task” or “Appointment” (Alarms can be set for either). Notes can also be made “Sticky,” which means they appear on the Desktop. In all, EPIM is a powerful application, although it may be “overkill” for anyone who wants a “simple” Notes App.

    RightNote (Pro) is in a different league than most “Notes” applications – or, indeed, any general usage competitor I am currently aware of. (Ignoring true “Research” applications such as Mendeley, which are more academically focused.)
    Perhaps the best distinction I can make is that EPIM and CN are good for Simple Notes, whereas RightNote (Pro) makes for an excellent Knowledge Database, with impressive organization & search capabilities. Only the lack of a Native Android version keeps it from being “perfect” (with full awareness that NO app is going to be Perfect!…), although EverNote integration helps for those who like EverNote (I gave up on it), AND RN offers a variety of EXPORT Options, including the ability to export as a Webbook. The Webbook format allows access on a Chromebook, although the the process can be time consuming given a large enough database. (Am running 6 Frequent Access RN databases, with another 6 as “archives.” RN Pro fortunately provides a Very Fast Search engine capable of returning results from multiple databases.)

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    CintaNotes is not a “PIM” !
    Why do you want to compare programs that do not have the same functions? I hope that version 4 you are talking about will not be supplemented by “PIM” functions.

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    Mr. Guido76 Thanks
    I went to the program site and tried to find languages supported by the program I could not find
    Do you support Arabic?

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    Alex Jenter (CintaNotes Developer)

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your comments, I’m glad that you liked the software!

    About languages supported by the program – Arabic interface is not supported yet, but you can definitely write notes in arabic. The complete list of UI languages is available in the program itself, in menu Options/Language.

    If you haven’t received the license key – please write to support@cintanotes.com.
    Hotmail and some other providers are know for filtering our emails as spam.

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    [@Guido76] I use Cinta Notes as a knowledge manager. I’m a text-based guy, so I don’t overly mind that it’s a text-centered program, although an overhaul would be welcome.

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    Jew Inoven

    [@Alex Jenter (CintaNotes Developer)] NO FUCK YOU CAMEL JOCKEY YOu DON’T COUNT IN LIFE.

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    Still does not register – waste of time – uninstalling now.

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    Helen O’Brien

    I downloaded the program yesterday, but do not have the correct license key. I received the following

    License: Error: Problem with http://cintanotes.com/cgi-bin/keygen :Array ( [type] => 2 [message] => fopen(http://cintanotes.com/cgi-bin/keygen): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error [file] => /var/www/public_html/key/keygenerator.php [line] => 35 )

    How do I fix this?
    thank you

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