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    Have something to say about Cleaning Suite Professional? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Cleaning Suite Professional, post it here! If you know of issues with Cleaning Suite Professional, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Reg Pellow

    MessageL •License key already used or invalid!

    Can’t continue never received ID

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    Mike Sanders

    Key& ID never sent

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    Peter Blaise

    Yeah, no nothing arrived in email this time, BUT I searched my email for prior info from [ ascomp ] and found my [ Login information for ASCOMP Software ] from a year ago, so I copied and pasted the [ Customer ID ] from that email into the [ Customer ID ] of today’s offering, and it moved forward from there, downloading the Pro version, and installing it.

    Why can’t we resize the program window to use the entire screen we paid for?

    I ran each function from each tab and saw what it offers … nothing special, nothing worth paying for.

    Compare to alternatives, this is something the programmers should do before starting to program, and certainly before releasing their program to the public, especially with a price tag:

    – free [ Glary Utilities ]
    – – [ Startup Items ] with resizable window, Startup, Schedule, Programs, Aplications, and Services, with ( terse ) explanations of each, with toggles, and with undo,
    – – [ Context Menus ] for Files, Folders, New, and Send To, with toggles,
    – – [ Boot Defragment ]
    – – [ Browser Assistant ] for IE, Firefox, and Chrome, listing and offering to block or remove items in BHO Browser Helper Objects, Toolbars, Explorer Bars, Context Menus, Buttons, ActiveX, Default Pages, Plugins, Extensions, Search Engines, Histories, Cookies, Start Page,
    – – [ Check For Updates ] to other programs for Windows,
    – – plus more, plus everything ASCOMP Cleaning Suite Professional offers,
    – – free.


    – free [ YL/PCClean. io Win Utilities ]
    – free Microsoft SysInternals [ Auto Runs ],
    – free [ Wise Cleaner ] suite,
    – free [ Auslogics ] suite,
    – free [ CCleaner ] ( getting arduous nag to buy since AVAST bought them ),
    – free [ IObit ] suite of programs,
    … and so on, the competitive free offerings are overwhelming.

    And if you’re going to pay for something:
    – [ Kerish Doctor ]

    I’m not sure what is the intention or target of ASCOMP here … sadly, they have revealed a lack of foresight by not sending out responses to their own registrations here, so what do we expect from their software itself?

    My advice to ASCOMP?

    – Get excited,
    – know your competition well,
    – do something that amazes even yourselves,
    – then come back.

    Thanks for letting us explore and share.

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    Key& ID never sent

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    Peter, thank you for your comments that I always look for before installing a program. I think I will skip this one because I have several of the ones you mentioned that do the job for me.

    As my go-to, I have pretty much settled on Kerish Doctor which I was fortunate enough to get as a give away somewhere. I will likely pay for that one soon and may delete the others.

    Again, thanks for taking your time to provide us with your reviews!

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    stefano mangolini

    I opened to install and left the registration ID, as I have to do you cannot run for 14 days of trial.
    Thank you

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    stefano mangolini

    And the Cleaning Suite Professional

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    Christina Hernandez

    Customer ID never received.

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    thierry DESMET

    No ID key recieved 😢

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    I like many others have encountered the following; no activation email/no ID key. It is my opinion, offer is bogus; said company just wants to get our email; to do with what, heaven knows,scam us!

    Thank you

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    [ @Tek] Different problem than the others: once I put in the ID and click “download” it says:

    “download failed” check your firewall. NOT the issue. Like the others, abandoned this one……

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    I got the key but when I log into their site it says my license expires 1/25/2021,
    yet theSoS page says its a lifetime license?!?
    What’s up with that?!?

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    Peter Blaise

    An email arrived after 12 hours – too late, I already use dmy prior email registration ID form a year ago and explored and found the program to be nothing new, nothing noteworthy.

    I think we may be seeing software rehashed by small companies where the original programmers have moved on, retired, or worse, otherwise, I see no explanation for lack of growth in their offering ( see also Badosoft rehashing 10-year-old software ) – I do not think the few folks left at the companies know how to fix or grow the programming, they are stuck an dare hoping someone in the world does not know they are not competitive.

    – – – – –

    To [ @John], you’re quite welcome, my goal is to give as good as we get here, hoping vendors and fellow users will have an exciting place to meet and make some great stuff together.

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    Like the others, no registration email received.
    Surprised SoS doesn’t react in any way…

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