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    Have something to say about Cyber Crime and IT Risk? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Cyber Crime and IT Risk, post it here! If you know of issues with Cyber Crime and IT Risk, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    David Frame

    The last 3 times I have tried to download something, either automatically or clicking on the manual link, I have been unable to download the software, or, in this case, a pdf file. I am using W10, and it fails with both Google Chrome and MS Edge. Could you please tell me what the problem is or how to get round the problem. I have already mentioned this previously, but got no response. A reply would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Thanks Ashraf for the helpful book.
    Best regards

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    John Bartlett

    Tried downloading Windows_10_Upgrade_Guide.pdf but the link goes a blank page. Tried three times, all same result. Try to download via the link from the confirmation email and it says download limit reached! please help.

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    Fake download! Link does not work at all, Don’t waste your time!

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    Similar to above I have tried two email addresses and can’t download the pdf. Shame as I was going to upgrade this weekend.

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    Mike S.

    I’m not sure what’s the cause of the download issues above, but I had no issue whatsoever in downloading and saving the e-book.

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    Mike S.

    [ @Mike] It is *not* a “fake” download. Sorry that you have an issue in downloading, but I obtained the book without any issue whatsoever (using Internet Explorer 11 and Win8.1).

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    How to upgrade to windows 10 guide.

    Great guide thank you so much! Easy download from SharewareOnSale.com in PDF format. Nicely put together pdf. Thanks again so much.

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    Easy download.. id didn’t took me more than 1 minute after putting the required info using w7 via chrome..
    I don’t know what’s the difficulties with u guys in downloading this 13.6mb pdf file.

    Again, Thanx Ashraf aad SOS

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    Quick download with no problems. A nice guide for home users.

    Thanks Ashraf (and S.O.S.)

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    James Forsyth

    Thank You Very Much . This guide will help a lot!

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    Diogo Vasconcellos e Sá

    I have not read it yet, but sure is a great help.

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