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    Have something to say about CyberLink PowerDirector 15? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than CyberLink PowerDirector 15, post it here! If you know of issues with CyberLink PowerDirector 15, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Roel Jansen

    The product code cannot be entered: the third block of 5 characters in the given code does not fit the 4 character block entry.

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    No problem with installation or entering licence code.

    I had an old copy (v10) on my system which I occasionally used so updated v15 welcome even if LE rather than Ultra version.


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    Please click ‘Try Again’ to try again or click ‘Manual Download’ to manually download the file.
    Location of download file: http://files.sharewareonsale.com/file/b1ena78kbvofb1s/PowerDirector_LE_VDE171017-01.exe

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    Roel Jansen

    After several retries I was able to fill in the code. Thanks.

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    As it is a LE edition, a lot of features can’t be used (e.g. 3D).
    You can’t produce a H.265 film as well…

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    The reg # in the giveaway offer has an unnecessary space after the 2nd group of serial#’s. If you cut and past it will give invalid serial entered, so enter the code manually with no spaces! cheers

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    You can easily edit the last two blocks and correct the problem as I did ! Have A nice Day !

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    [@doodad] You can’t capture with a USB device such as DAZZLE either in this version. I was able to with version 7 I believe, but can’t find my install disc that came with my DVD burner for may Windows-XP Desktop Computer. I copy videos from my old VHS and BETA video tape collection to burn to DVD’s and can’t do that with this version.

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    Only problems to instal. CyberLink always put troubles. Never this software. Bye

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    [@Ed] My apologies on that, didn’t notice. Fixed now. Thanks.

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    Doug Dingle

    Like all entry level CyberLink products, this will do the most basic of things until you spend more money to upgrade. And then again. And again.

    And like ALL CyberLink products, the installation is wildly invasive, wrapping itself around your operating system’s spinal cord, making it almost impossible to totally uninstall. I learned my lesson. You’ll want to avoid this software.

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    serial number ?

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    [@maxim] We give it to you when you checkout with us. Do it again if you missed it or check your email.

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    Thanks. Had PD 14. Ran 15 Ok Windows 10 x64 Pro & closed up the 2 gaps in serial. After done, uninstall 14 which in this case was in a dif folder which I guess is why the 15 install didn’t pick up prior serial. No biggie. Nice prg for quick basic work on video & some other on a .jpg plus the images are pretty clear to me.

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