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    Have something to say about Disk Recovery Wizard? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Disk Recovery Wizard, post it here! If you know of issues with Disk Recovery Wizard, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

    UPDATE: @Everyone: My apologies for not replying earlier, I’m juggling so many things at once. Let me clarify. We NEVER give out TRIAL versions. Our giveaways are FULL versions of PAID software / services. Disk Recovery Wizard giveaway is of the FULL version. There are no restrictions on the software. I don’t know why Dennis put that in his review.

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    There’s currently a “Invalid payment method.” when you try to purchase.

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    [ @Ashraf]

    thank you very much for the program!!!

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    I downloaded and installed Disk Recovery Wizard, sent information to receive my registration code, received it, but could find no way to register. The software appears to be functional (I have used a pervious version since 2014) but I don’t know if this version will work without registering it.
    I uninstalled the previous version of DRW before installing the new version.
    For reasons I don’t understand the new version seems to be registered to GiveawayoftheDay (as the old version was), not to sharewareonsale.

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    William Melton

    Downloaded and installed. Attempted to register using the supplied REG key, Says key is invalid.

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    The review says “This trial version does not allow you to save all the recovered files.” Is this really true for this deal? Because it appears this is the full version and not a trial, but I can’t tell for sure.

    Also, this software was released in July 2012 – are we sure it works with Windows 10?

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    Mister Lee

    Questions for Ashraf:

    1) In your “FEATURED REVIEW”, Dennis Wilson states under the ‘CONS’, “This trial version does not allow you to save all the recovered files”. What trial version? I don’t see anywhere in the description of the software, that today’s offering is a trial version.
    In his “CONCLUSION”, Dennis also states, “It works just fine except that the free version cannot be used to recover all types of lost files”.
    Ashraf, please clarify!

    At the home page it shows 3 different licenses available:

    Standard License
    The Standard License covers most residential customers, allowing to use Disk Recovery Wizard at home for non-professional, non-commercial purposes. Registered non-profit entities and educational institutions are eligible to use the Standard license on a single PC per license. The use of Disk Recovery Wizard by commercial organizations or by residential customers for business purposes is explicitly disallowed by this license. Individuals providing data recovery services to their customers cannot use this license. — $139.95

    Business License
    Government organizations (except non-profit and educational institutions), business and corporate entities are required to purchase a Business License unless providing data recovery services to their customers, in which case they would be required to purchase the Professional License. — $219.95

    Professional License
    Data recovery professionals, whether incorporated or acting as private entities, are required to purchase the Professional License in order to be able to provide data recovery services to their customers. The Professional License can be permanently installed on one PC. Temporary installations are allowed for a period of up to 24 hours if the product is installed on customer’s computers with the purpose of single-time information recovery, provided that the temporary copy of the product is destroyed (uninstalled) after the data recovery case is closed or after 24 hours after initial installation, whichever comes first. — $399.95

    At the top of the SOS page it shows: $399.95 (crossed out) – Free! – (100% off)
    This seems to imply that we are being offered the Professional License, but my gut tells me this is probably NOT the case. My assumption is that we are being offered the “Standard Version”.
    Ashraf, please clarify!

    2) I would also like to know if today’s recovery program and be installed to a thumb drive? If someone already has a computer that is in need of file recovery, the last thing they would want to do is install ANYTHING AT ALL to their machine, because of course the risk of writing over the very files they are trying to salvage would be high. Again, is it permissible to install to a thumb drive?
    Ashraf, please clarify!

    Aha! I just noticed on their download page the following:
    However, I would still like clarification on this particular offering here today at SOS.. Will it install to a thumb drive, because oddly, it is not addressed in the description of the today’s offering.

    ***I hope you are monitoring these posts Ashraf!***

    Thanks in advance for providing these answers. I appreciate your time and effort.

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    It works just fine except that the free version cannot be used to recover all types of lost files.

    What exactly is this “Free” version capabilities? What doesn’t work in this free version compared to the regular version? Apparently the software being offered is crippleware, at least, to some extent.

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    Your CON section states: “This trial version does not allow you to save all the recovered files.”
    Huh? Isn’t that the purpose of this software to save recovered files?
    If so, can this software be installed on a thumb drive?


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    Program installed as expected, no troubles or issues at all. Looks to be fairly well-built, only time will tell… Thank you much.

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    LG Wade

    I downloaded the install file, disk_recovery_wizard_setup.exe.
    After opening the file and giving administrator permission,
    I just get a dark blue screen. I used cntl-alt-delete to get
    Task Manager, which doesn’t show the install program as a
    running app.
    This may be a problem with Windows 10, which I installed about
    2 weeks ago.

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    LG Wade

    I just deleted the install file and re-downloaded from the other mirror.
    This time it worked, installed, and the supplied reg code worked.
    Thank you.

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    Is this a trial or fully usable software?
    There is a comment that refers to it as a trial with diminished capabilities.

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    Dave B

    There’s an “Invalid payment method” when you try to purchase.

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    Says it can access inaccessible disks. Does this also mean disks that not accessible by the operating system (e.g. “clicking” when you try to connect)? My problem goes beyond just a corrupted or deleted FAT or partition.

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