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    Have something to say about Duplicate File Finder Plus? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Duplicate File Finder Plus, post it here! If you know of issues with Duplicate File Finder Plus, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    james wallace

    [ @Ashraf]

    Duplicate File finder Plus, nothing downloads. Nothing installs. Like to give a good review, but cannot test.


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    Pravesh Daya


    When I try to input the license key, it asks me for my name and age. and the license does not work

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    When I try to input the license key, it says wrong key, but going to HELP -ABOUT-“LICENSED TO SHAREWARE ON SALE”. Was it pre-licensed?

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    software does NOT download, will you correct this?, thanks

    capcha most annoying, can you find another method, there are better ones. for example is the pole where the streetsign stands is part of the sign? etc etc

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    Peter E.

    Many Thanks to ASHRAF and TriSunSoft for Duplicate File finder Plus.
    Works like a charm. Download, installation a cinch..

    I really don’t know what the other posters are doing.
    Maybe they don’t know themselves what they are doing…
    or they have no control over their AV software or whatever……

    This must be one of the easiest and logical procedures I’ve come across,
    provided you know at least what you’re doing..

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    Program ne prihvata licencu,ne dozvoljava da se ukloni sa PC.Ne preporučujem da je instalirate.

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    Peter E.

    Program ne prihvata licencu,ne dozvoljava da se ukloni sa PC.Ne preporučujem da je instalirate.

    This is getting ridiculous.
    In the first place : Why don’t you post in English ?
    It’s easy enough with translation:
    “The program does not accept the license, it does not allow it to be removed from the PC. I do not recommend installing it.””
    2. Just because you have trouble, doesn’t mean that everybody will and recommending against
    installing it, is totally out of place.
    Your incompetence and lack of knowledge is no reason to malign a program..
    Maybe you should learn how to use your computer…………………..

    As I posted above – I found it to be an easy and logical installation/registration.

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    Lorgen Shadouness

    Didn’t have trouble installing it.
    Works great!

    It found duplicates that DupeGuru didn’t find.

    FYI, this is available in their WinExt Pro program! I got that one free too =’) It’s the complete package of the TriSunSoft programs).
    I don’t know how I haven’t heard of TriSunSoft before! I don’t see their products in software sites.

    Had no trouble putting my license in. Just clicked on LICENSE > INPUT LICENSE KEY… just like in their instructions.
    I input my license, then entered my name twice (initial and confirmation… why confirm my name? I dunno O.o )

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    Molim da ovo uzmete pod ozbiljno-1-licenca ne funkcioniše,2-ne funkcioniše ni kao free tj ne nalazi ništa(više nađem duplicate na drugim programima nego na ovom smeću),3-program je zaražen malware.Stoga vas molim da sa njima više nikavu saradnju nemate bez njihove pismene garancije da je program ispravan.Da je zaražen video sam da se posle dolaska ovde na diskusiju javila ekstra velika reklama u firefox pretraživaču.Pored toga se ne može ukloniti sa ekrana tj mora se resovati računar.

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    [@Lorgen Shadouness] Prvo ojaviću na mom jeziku ako tebi smeta ne čitaj ga.I leči živce dok je vreme.Ne instaliram ono što je zaraženo i ne funkcioniše.Preporuka moja ti je-školuj se jer ti brate pojma nemaš o kulturnoj komunikaciji a o IT tek.Ostajem pri zaključku-program zaražen,pe prihvata licencu,ne radi ništa.Program samo inicijativno otvara firefox stranicu gde piše cena ovog smeća.

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    Tharun Kumar

    Duplicate file finder plus, thanks for the application it works great. Thanks to the team.

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