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    Have something to say about Duplicate Photo Finder Plus? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Duplicate Photo Finder Plus, post it here! If you know of issues with Duplicate Photo Finder Plus, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I’m having trouble installing Duplicate Photo Finder Plus. I get past the download, and usually when I run a giveaway, I get a screen that says I have to install it “manually”, so I download a new program without “hub” in the name. But today, nothing happens. There is no installation program running (checked in Task-manager as well as in the tray.) Also, a plain program without hub is not here. Should I download a file from their site? I thought of buying a copy, but I have no idea if I like it yet. I run Windows 10 64-bit

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    joe s.

    confusing install. It starts OK, downloads quickly, as it is a small downloader file, but then it tells me I must manually install it. I thought that was what I was doing! For a program that already has a not very impressive 55% rating, I decided to abort.

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    I bought it, where do I register?

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    What is the difference between this program and Total Commander: Find (Alt+F7) -> Search for duplicate files?

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    Divyansh Jain

    I found this software nice. It works great. This tiny utility compares the pictures based on size and other properties and shows the result. Duplicate files can be moved to recycle bin, permanently deleted or can be moved to other location.Easy to use. You can find duplicates from specific folders or can scan the whole drive.

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    très bon logiciel pour supprimer les photos en double.

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    It´s great, the results are lightning fast and accurate

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    Duplicate Photo Finder Plus se autodenomina la solución al tan común problema de las imágenes duplicadas, pero el resultado de dicha solución deja mucho que desear.

    El principal problema es que fracasa miserablemente en su cometido mas básico, el de encontrar y eliminar imágenes duplicadas. ¿El por que de esto? Simple. Duplicate Photo Finder Plus NO compara las imágenes, sino que compara los detalles de las mismas, por lo que, si las imágenes duplicadas no pesan lo mismo, no tienen la misma resolución, el mismo formato o hasta el mismo nombre, no las detectara como duplicadas, ya que como he dicho, solo compara los detalles del archivo, no las imágenes en si.

    En diversos intentos los resultados obtenidos al analizar alguna carpeta en busca de duplicados (puestos intencionalmente para poner a prueba la eficiencia del software) acabo en un completo fracaso. Si hasta sale con que analizo una carpeta con 4,400 imágenes de diversos formatos (0,99 GB) en 2 segundos.

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    [@Sebastián] Thank you for your comment. I wondered if this did any more than a standard duplicate finder, and apparently it does not. Other duplicate image finders will find “similar” images, not just identical ones. This application is useless, so thank you for saving me the trouble of installing and then uninstalling it.

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