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    Have something to say about DVDFab Enlarger AI? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than DVDFab Enlarger AI, post it here! If you know of issues with DVDFab Enlarger AI, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    rod garty

    Gave up in the end so so complicated ,after i went through all the registration and authorise parts still hadnt a clue what was going on and couldn’t see dvdenlarger anywhere just loads of other products

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    Der Prozesseinsprungpunkt “” wurde in der DLL “C:\Program Files\DVDFab\DVDFab64.exe” nicht gefunden.

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    1-year license, rubbish

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    [ @Ashraf]

    I have tried to download and install the AI enhancer before. Once again, an unnecessarily complicated registration process did not work. Yes, I can see that it is activated, but cannot open it. Stop the extra nonsense and make it simple.

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    Ashraf , I have respect for your efforts and what you are doing but in your dealings with most of these developers please let them know that the people who come looking for free programs knows their worth to the industry we can if needed find the programs we really need for free all beit not in the desired way ,trying to make us do the limbo in order to get a 1 year trial of a non important program for which there are several free options available is one easy way to send us to find a torrent if we really need it ,many of us that comes here now purchase more programs than we otherwise would so being all fancy-full with the registration to a giveaway will not help ( you can have my e-mail but it will not help your product ) some otherwise unknown company or program we can always get it for free by other means or an alternative ,so please ask these developers to giveaway or don’t ! .

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    Worked a treat – NOT – uninstalled and never again to be fooled by trickery from companies that put you through the wringer just to get your email. Utter rubbish.

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    Developers, have you tried registering and activating a key for your program yourself? I spent two hours of my life to break my brain from the idiocy of the key activation algorithm. I could not find an interactive interaction with this program in the dump of other programs. The developer’s website didn’t help in any way to understand and sort out this disgusting activation process.

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    Got through the registration hoops and see the Enlarger feature listed as 1-year license.
    After navigating around the never-ending advertising/pop-ups, I converted/enlarged a sample video file and see absolutely no improvement in quality.
    Furthermore, I immediately got an email saying I completed a trial task, asking me to buy more features.
    Uninstalled – DVDFab nevermore.

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    Worked a treat – NOT – uninstalled. Psychopathic email thieves.

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    Jamie Harding

    If one were to venture into the seventh circle of digital hell, one might find themselves face-to-face with the Dantean beast that is the DVDfab64 process. The creators have ensnared a potentially potent product in a web of inefficiencies, like a magnificent butterfly trapped in the constricting threads of a spider’s web. Despite its promise, this software, wrapped in an insidious veneer of simplicity, is a labyrinth of confusion and frustration.

    The initiation into this ordeal comes under the guise of a seemingly harmless installation process. One might think they were taking a leisurely stroll down a country lane, but alas, they’ve unwittingly embarked on a descent into chaos. The setup is a twisted game of riddles, a series of obscure choices that would make even the most seasoned tech veteran sweat. Only a master cryptographer with an insatiable thirst for punishment would find joy here.

    But, oh, it gets worse. The true test of one’s sanity lies within the application itself. A user interface that was surely designed during a fever dream offers no respite, leaving one to wander aimlessly through its maze of menus, submenus, and sub-submenus like a hapless adventurer lost in a deranged funhouse. With every misstep, you’re thrust deeper into this digital purgatory, each click a desperate plea for mercy.

    And let’s not forget the system resources this behemoth devours with the relentless appetite of a starved beast. Yes, if the frustratingly arcane UI and bewildering setup process haven’t already driven you to the brink of madness, watch in helpless despair as DVDfab64 slows your PC to a crawl, as if relishing the torture it inflicts.

    Then comes the encoding process – a Sisyphean task if there ever was one. Time seems to stand still, the minutes morph into hours, and hours into days, as you watch the progress bar inch forward with the speed of a lethargic snail. And just when you think you’ve reached the summit, an error message pops up, a cruel jester laughing at your misery.

    Herein lies the rub: I’d rather find myself in a dentist’s chair, undergoing the most invasive of procedures, my teeth being extracted one by one, than endure the agonizing torment of this process again. This may seem an exaggerated claim, but I assure you, the searing pain of a pulled tooth is a sweet mercy compared to the psychological warfare waged by DVDfab64.

    In conclusion, the DVDfab64 process is a masterclass in frustration, an exercise in digital masochism. It offers little more than a ticket to an endless carnival of confusion, transforming a potentially enjoyable experience into a tale of Sisyphean struggle. I urge you, fellow wanderers in the tech wilderness, choose another path. Save yourselves from this maddening morass, and steer clear of this technological tormentor. There has to be a better way, for I cannot imagine a worse one.

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    total crap. i put my key in but it’s still trying to get me to buy a key/product.
    dvdfab is dvdcrap. stop pretending to be a company; y’all just buy other people’s product & bastardize them.

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    Johne Lee

    Actually, I do not think the Enlarger AI is as good as imgarger.com. I prefer to using the image enlarger online from imglarger.com

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    DVDfab, 1 year… a scam. This giveaway is part of a packet of programs. It is not a standalone version.So for whatever you want to do or load, flv, mp4, iso,Etc….to do an enlarge, It will direct you to one of the other programs. Coversion,DVD ripper, etc, all in the list of packet of programs. But, they are ALL trials. Wich expire in 30 days. End of use for a giveaway for a year.I could not make anything work without one of the trials. If you want to cluther your PC, go ahaid. This is the way

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    [@artgar] I pulled out my last hair, I agree completely you choose a dentist chair over this LOL

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