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    Have something to say about DVDFab Video Enhancer AI? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than DVDFab Video Enhancer AI, post it here! If you know of issues with DVDFab Video Enhancer AI, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Trying again,
    Go to product’s web site.
    Download free Windows 10 trial
    installs OK
    use sharewareonsale’s password and email to authorise.

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    Well, even downloading from their own website fails – got to 16% download, then jumped to 100% then “Installed”. Except that the shortcut in my Start Menu came up with a could not find error…

    Ho hum, and that is why I’m seeking an alternative to DVDFab rip 3D Blurays! Just too flakey these days.

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    Bill Strobel

    It worked foe me. Up and running. Thank you David

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    @David. Nice one! Worked a treat.

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    It is a pity that there is no “Windows7”, only “Windows-10”.

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    [@David] Further to my earlier post, thanks for the suggestion David.

    I did manage to finally get it installed and registered, but it was extremely s-l-o-w and still was not without things disappearing or hanging up at the 100% mark. I actually got a web page displaying that it was installed successfully even though the install splash screen was still “stuck” on the screen and not advancing to the program. *sigh*

    Be aware also that this requires a heavy load on your GPU or CPU and will fair better with more current hardware. Why? Because it’s SLOW! I’m currently running a short (1min 44sec MP4) conversion test and so far it has taken 12 minutes to process 11% of that small file using 100% of my CPU! Did I mention it’s SLOW!?

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    @Barry Do you think it’s slow??
    I tried a 1 hour old cine 8mm video after 3 and a half hours there is only 57 hours left to go!! And my CPU is steady at 80%.
    Also it won’t use the 366 cudas in my GTX 670, so I suppose it’s back to Premier Pro which runs like lightning on this machine and also knows that in the U.K. 1080P requires 1920 not 1440.
    Sorry Sharewareonsale it seemed a good idea but perhaps there’s a reason why they let you give away a $219.98 program, even if it is only $50 on their web site.

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    [@Barry] Followup:
    Well,I’m giving up. My 1min 44Sec MP4 test video has been stuck at 12% for the past 1/2 hr and it tells me the time left is 309 minutes! That’s over 5 HOURS folks!

    The video is nothing unusual, just an Android shot phone cam. And it has been using 100% of my quad core CPU of course.

    I’ve wasted way too much time on this. Thanks for the offer but no thanks. Deleting this terrible application as not practically usable.

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    Donwload and installation was trouble free, maybe those who weren’t succesful should clean their system…

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    Seems somebody fixed it, worked and authorised just fine for me now. Yet to fire it up.

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    [ @Ashraf] Installed it, couldn’t even get it to run from the desktop shortcut, in order to register.

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    Installed and ran OK the first time. Tried several videos with different formats, outputting to several resolutions but the progress bar kept on getting stuck at the 11% mark. Gave up and uninstalled.

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    Jim Watkin

    This programme won’t install for me in Windows 10.
    Just starts then I see a screen flash with 0% showing.
    I guess that should have gone to 100%.
    I’ve tried re-installing after restarting the PC and get the same every time.

    Edit: Downloaded the trial direct from the DVD website and it installed and activated without a problem using the email address and password provided.
    However, you might know, it hasn’t been able to complete the upscaling or video improvement on any of the home videos I’ve tried so far. I’ve tried 2xAVI, 1xMP4, 2xMOV and 1xMPG. Every file got to 11% then stopped. There’s something wrong with this programme as it just doesn’t work on a Win10 64bit machine which the programme itself confirmed my machine was powerful enough to do a conversion. It might be, but it just doesn’t work. Not recommended.

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    Jim Watkin

    [@Jim Watkin]

    Exactly the same problem I found. 11% then nothing.
    How on earth was this programme deemed fit for purpose?

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