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    Have something to say about Easy Invoice Software? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Easy Invoice Software, post it here! If you know of issues with Easy Invoice Software, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Bill Douglas

    Clicking on the file invoice.exe yields an error: In system configuration file OM.txt cannot find database MAIN.FDB. System is about to terminate, please fix problem and restart application.

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    How do we get the email with the 3-digit code? Help is needed…

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    Simeon H.

    Sorry, but I can’t get it registered, something may be wrong with this ”giveaway” e-mail (I’m doing something wrong?)
    Thank you for the offer, be well.

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    got no mail with 3 digits !

    What an idiotic and annoying procedure ! I stopped wasting my time after trying and trying for 20 minutes .
    Stay away from me !

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    got no mail with 3 digits !

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    [ @Joe]

    To get your 3 letter code , click the get key on the bottom left of the box. It shows up when you hover your mouse over it.
    Put in your personal email… not the giveaway! That is used later in the registration.
    Then click to send , it will say submitting.
    Then you will get a 3 letter code.

    After that follow the rest of the instructions that were posted on the free give away page.

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    [ @Bill Douglas]
    They do not send the 3 letter code to your email, it shows up on the page you apply for a key after you submit your personal email.

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    I found the registration system does work if the directions are followed; regardless, it is more complicated than many of the other offerings we see on Sharewareonsale.com. The user must send an e-mail to the address shown in the instructions. The e-mail must contain the country in the subject line to receive the evaluation code back.

    The e-mail the user receives with the evaluation code also has links to training videos, but the videos do not show up for me regardless of which browser I used. Titles of the previous and next videos show as links, but no actual video is shown on the pages.

    In the company’s blog, some links fail to get to other blog entries. Instead, the user gets a 404 page error and a Search option. Entering the title of the article in the search box does find the correct page, however there are more links that are not working, so the user gets to another 404 page error.

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    Sven Isbrand

    Against all intelligence, I tried again and waste my time again ! Now I know, that the instruction

    “On the Login prompt, just click “Login” (leave the user and password fields as it is)
    You will see the Free Evaluation Key prompt; follow the instructions on the prompt and enter the 3-digit evaluation software key you will have received via email”

    is wrong

    So I tried the new instruction and I got the key “168”. But that doesn’t help. Why ?
    Because the field “Your Home Currency” shows “USA Dollar”. Clicking the arrow down I found a lot of countries – but not my country (Germany – not Germany not Deutschland). Instead of the country it is required to choose “Eurozone Euro” –
    apparently a method for particularly intelligent contemporaries !)
    But thats not enough: I see the new window “Register” – I have to choose “Purchase & Register” then “Enter the key”. Then I have to put in again my e-mail and the gotten key 168 Then clicking the button “unlock” and ….

    Error message “Invalid Key”

    Please tell me: Is this an employment program for nervous disorders ?

    It is an impertinence to offer something as a giveaway

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    I would love to submit a review however i never got the unlock key so I cant get into the program. too bad it looked promising.

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    i can not get download link when i click give it to me now it show black and white cricle and dont redirect me to download page

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