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    Have something to say about Efficient Address Book? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Efficient Address Book, post it here! If you know of issues with Efficient Address Book, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    The is the 3rd “Efficient” program I have picked up here – the others being Efficient Diary Pro and Efficient Calendar.

    All three are great programs that do what they are supposed to do ….efficiently. :-) Not a lot of bells and whistles like some programs, but the basics are there and there is a slow learning curve as well.

    Thank you for making these available.

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    The Computer Guy

    Efficient Address Nook blocked by Windows Defender…

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    Thanks, I like their software.

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    Cliff Jones

    Your free download for the free address book will not execute properly to allow me to access the program. This happens every time I try to download one of your free programs…. Fix the damn download exe. Command or get off the internet till it is fixed properly.

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    Could not download, was blocked by Windows Defender as unsafe.

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    Download process worked fine. No complaints from Windows Defender or Google Chrome. Malwarebytes did not find any problems in the .EXE file. Virustotal scan (latest was yesterday afternoon) showed 0/71 scan engines detected a problem.

    Program installed easily, in the folder I specified. No added hoops to jump through. Simple. I’m using Windows 10/64 Home with Bitdefender antivirus (not recommended) and SecureAPlus.

    Looks nice, impressive features with a simple, menu-driven interface. I like that you can create groups to organize contacts. You can have several email addresses, phone numbers, and photos, separate work/home addresses, a general comment page, much more for each contact. It has search, auto-backup, table/card views. You can scan a QR code within the program to download iPhone/iPad and Android apps and sync information between them (haven’t tried that yet).

    There are calendar and task options that don’t seem to apply (no way to view a calendar or assign tasks). My guess is the contacts list from this program can be used in their other programs (like Efficess).

    If you’re not using Outlook, this should handle most address book / contact manager needs very well!

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    When using of Efficient Address Book (100% discount) will it be possible to synchronize this book with the book on smartphone? As far as I know we usually use another passes and emails.

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