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    Have something to say about Fast Browser Cleaner? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Fast Browser Cleaner, post it here! If you know of issues with Fast Browser Cleaner, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    How is this different from using the browser’s internal cleaning command ? We don’t even know whether unwanted files are irrecoverably erased, as opposed to just deleted.

    All right, it’s supposed to clean adware. But a free anti-virus scanner will do that as well.

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    What is this software like when somebody given it here who uses Eset Internet Security can read information that this software contains a malware MSIL/FastBrowserCleaner.A. I don’t know whether such a software which helps in avoiding a malware in other softwares should, must, or musn’t behave this way but who really knows is this a dangerous or not ?!

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    Allright, I forgot to add to my post the ability of answer to it by Ashraf

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    d adams

    Can this work with portable browser version or only installed versions?

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    i installed this avast antivirus says it filerepmalware sounds like its pretty dirty shit stuff.we’ve moved fast browser cleaner cleaner.exe to your virus chest because it was infected with fileprepmalware…i dunno guys why… its prolly ok .. i rebooted my system tried to install again but same prob..ok guys have a good 1

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    Ausguy, I have detected my malware while I tried to have the installer on my desktop to install it. I don’t want to see my Windows devasted any way so… I think I won’t install it but what’s the conclusion of your post ? And I can’t still see anything from the expert

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    Fast PC Tools

    @ausguy , @Muflon Fast Browser Cleaner is not a malware nor it contains any malware. This is false positive on antivirus part.

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    Fast PC Tools

    [@d adams] Currently it works with installed version only.

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    Phoe Monroe

    “Fast Browser Cleaner is a software…” is awful English. Should be “Fast Browser Cleaner is software…”

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    Phoe Monroe

    Try to learn Polish as not awful ;). I’m English B2 level and I speak polish daily. I hope you wouldn’t mind exchanging posts with me, in case of this fact. People at my level say that such mistakes make a very little inconvenience to people who speak it as mother language. I’m disappointed hearing this, well, maybe even more than that. I hope I didn’t make any mistakes !

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    And… sorry… When I speak about a noun which is software for the first time I must use “a”. I don’t think software hasn’t anything like a or the

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    Including that as we can believe that thinking of this situation of giveaway as the first time, not just writing.

    Sorry for spam

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