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    Have something to say about Fast Video Downloader? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Fast Video Downloader, post it here! If you know of issues with Fast Video Downloader, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    If the description had been honest and said it was a limited version we would be downloading, and didn’t do everything stated without purchasing full version. It was NOT what was described, and I wouldn’t have bothered. :(

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    Fast PC Tools

    [@George] We did not understood what you want to say. This is the full version. You can enjoy the full functionality of the application for 1 year. In right hand side under “Terms and Conditions” it is clearly mentioned that this is a 1 pc, l year license.

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    tarek elagamy

    please note that your provided Giveaway Fast Video Downloader serial key is not valid
    please send me a valid serial for the program to activate this trial version limit
    thank you

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    [@Ashraf] VERY fast, with YouTube downloads, shall we say “faster than Slimjet”, and Slimjet sometimes get stuck on a large download, while converting it to a different format.

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    when open it and choose continue , it just locked in updating window, how can i click the “Register Now” to enter the S/N????????? is this just a joke?

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    The app only shows <unknown error¡> all time and I can’t work with it…

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    Same as above, locked in updating window

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    Fast PC Tools

    [@tarek elagamy] Please email us at support@fastpctools.com and provide the registration key that you are using.

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    Après avoir essayé le logiciel Fast Video Downloader, j’ai constaté qu’il fonctionnait très bien.
    C’est un logiciel dont l’interface est conviviale et intuitive, rapide dans les téléchargements.

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    I have downloaded and registered the software but when I go to download a clip from youtube it is not accepting my youtube credentials. It keeps saying invalid username or password.

    Note that I use my Google account as I do not have a specific youtube login.
    Any suggestions how I can resolve this?

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    [@Leslie] I have exactly the same problem with You Tube. When I try to download from You Tube it ask for my Username and password. I give it my You Tube one first (Program does not do anything) I then give it my google user and PW still nothing.

    Why keep that program that does not work ????

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