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    Have something to say about FlipHTML5 Gold? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than FlipHTML5 Gold, post it here! If you know of issues with FlipHTML5 Gold, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Rene Bonhiver

    Logiciel bloqué par chrome et Norton

    Software is blocked by chrome and Norton

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    1. Notice on their website after creating account that it’s set up for you to upload your files and they convert them online to HTML. So what is the purpose of the program that isn’t covered with the online service?

    2. Concerned that you have to log in to your account from the application (to activate initially); does this mean that it connects every time to their servers? I won’t store my flip-books on their server, so would rather not be connected to them (except for the initial activation, which is fine), giving them access to my computer. Just security conscious.

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    3. Also, the description here states “multi-computer” license for 1 year, but when I installed this and signed on, it stated it could only be used on ONE computer; very disappointing as sometimes I’d need to use this on my laptop. Additionally, since the license is just for one year, I’m assuming you can’t make more books after that time for free, but will already existing books continue to work (if they are not on their cloud servers)?

    4. Regarding my security concerns, when I installed, Windows Firewall popped up with a warning that the application wants to run previewhtmlserver.exe, I’m assuming to let you preview your projects as you make them? Since I will not be publishing to their cloud, but to my own server, is this really needed? Can’t the files be previewed locally?

    Thanks for any clarity you can provide!

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    Serkan Gündoğdu

    Merhabalaar ;

    Sitenizden hediye lisansını aldım ancak lisansı girebilmem için Hediye Kart Kodu elime ulaşmadı bu konu hakkında yardımcı olursanız sevinirim.

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    Serkan Gündoğdu

    Merhabalar ;

    Bu güzel programları bizlerle paylaştığınız için teşekkür eder iyi çalışmalar dilerim.

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    serkan gündoğdu

    Güzel bir iş yapıyorsunuz emeğinize tşkr ederim.

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    Where drive/driving/lead LICENSE KEY in the “FlipHTML5 Gold”?

    “Flip PDF” – easier and understandingly. (www.flipbuilder.com)

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    Chromodo – a Chrome based security browser – blocked this file as potentially malicious.

    flip html virus warning

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    Chromodo – a Chrome based security browser – blocked this file as potentially malicious.

    flip html virus warning

    Subsequent download and checking on Virustotal showed no threats:

    Malwarebytes scan on file also detected to threats.

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    >Publish options

    FlipHTML5 desktop application will either let you publish your book online or locally. However, the Lite version (what the Key above gives you) doesn’t allow you to publish locally. This beats the logic of having the application as you now cannot use it without an internet connection that lets you upload the generated flipbook.<

    Register online and receive a free (?) Account and can upload files.
    Question: is the meaning of the program, when you can do immediately online?

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    Mary Yasuda

    Google Chrome gave me a message that this download contains malicious something or other and blocked its installation. It is not in my download folder now…..maybe the publisher needs to check the downloads at the first link. I guess I can use the website but not the download program…..it looked promising….

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