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    Have something to say about Fort Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Fort Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with Fort Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Thanks. Nice reviews, fast d/l & install. Serial easy. Do read the Pros & Cons just to understand conditions like the need to keep the specific file extension upon the encrypted item (s). Experiment on dummy file. I chose to just use the keyfile method for beginning use. Suppose if really bothered then use both encrypt methods, but be sure to track the passphrase.
    Did notice that my test file using RMButton within File Explorer didn’t create any Fort File List *.ffl that could be seen or
    found when run Fort Pro’s main menu. It was totally empty as if nothing was ever created. Have to test via main menu & see if anything shows up that way. Review warned of this. Best I can tell is in main menu you can encrypt/de-encrypt but have to Save & Load a list each time to see the files you worked on. No biggie since usually you are using the File Explore context menu.
    Overall one of easiest of this type of app especially for convenient, general use.

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    This is misleading as a give away. When you download and install, upon registration, it then tells you it is a 14 day trial and limited to 2 users; if you want to continue using it, you have to buy a license.

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    Le logiciel Fort Pro est très utile pour la sécurité des données.Il est fiable, pratique,et simple à utiliser.
    J’ai fait un essai et je trouve que c’est un très bon logiciel.

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    Hello Nico Rosvall – Hi Ashraf:

    An excellent software – An outstanding offer.
    Thank you very much.
    Easy to instal – easy to use:
    Certainly as Fort Knox and the Bank of England★★★★★

    Cheers from Berlin:-)

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    Doug Dingle

    Never having used one, I need a little information about the keyfile and its contents. There is nothing I can find on the vendor’s site or support pages.

    Is it a text file? A binary file?

    How big or small can it be? Does it have to be an exact size?

    Can I use an image file (like JPG or TIF) as a keyfile?

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    You say that under certain conditions, the file may be deleted. Is that deleted as in “goes to the TRASH BIN” (and therefore, retrievable) or deleted as in “GONE FOREVER”?

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    For information it’s not optimized for 4k.

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    While I would like to give this software 4 stars, I can’t as the potential to be locked out of encrypted files is too great. I would love to see a portable version of this, so that I can back it up to an external drive. But if for whatever reason you lose access to your computer or hard drive, your files will be lost forever. Buying the non-free version may or may not fix this issue, but it’s not a chance I am willing to take.

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