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    Have something to say about GDocsDrive? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than GDocsDrive, post it here! If you know of issues with GDocsDrive, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Is the software able to access multiple GDrives?

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    [ @George] It supports multiple Google accounts, but you need to switch between them

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    Tom G

    Where is the free license?

    It says only free for 14 days

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    Saludos, la verdad que el programa esta bien para respaldar datos, pero yo prefiero ser mas precavido y guardar mis documentos y otras cosas fuera del alcance de otros, pues la privacidad en la nube no es buena, la información privada es como lo dice el nombre, Privada, y de un solo usuario, no de miles de millos de usuarios!! gracias pero no me interesa.

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    Norm Rubin

    Seems very nice on first uses. Thanks!

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    [ @RoboCop] the license is free and life-time. About “the 14 days free trial”: Even without any license code, you can try GDocsDrive with 14 days.

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    Peter E

    This is a very nice application, especially because you can use
    your own applications to edit files in Google Drive.

    Having said that, there are some statements about this application
    that are totally false.

    It is stated that it is “disk-free”- and “disk usage is almost Zero ”
    That would only be true if the application would use RAM exclusively
    and is designed to do that.

    However the author mentions that the file you’re working on
    will be downloaded to a Temp folder. Does that file take no space?
    In fact you will have at least 2 copies in the Temp folder – the original
    and the modified one when you upload it again to Google Drive.

    Work on some or a lot of large files and you’ll see you available diskspace shrinking..
    Yes, you can delete those Temp files without affecting the files in Google Drive,
    but to state that it’s “disk-free” is a misnomer.

    The only time that it’s “disk-free” , is when you use a RAM drive..

    This doesn’t detract from the usefulness of this app, but the statements
    are technically incorrect and misleading.

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    [ @Peter E] Thank you for pointing out the misleading of “disk-free” statement. GDocsDrive itself takes only about 3MB disk space, and the temp files generated when editing GDrive files with local apps will be deleted automatically. Comparing to the heavy Google Drive, which can cost tens of Gigabytes of your hard disk, GDocsDrive only takes several Megabytes. It is almost “disk-free”. Whatever, the “disk-free” statement is technically wrong and misleading, we will try to find another alternative description.

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    Peter E

    [ @Jerry]

    Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for your prompt response .I must say that Im very favorably impressed .
    Not only by your response but als in the way you replied.

    After some more testing of GDocsDrive I’m also very impressed with the way it works.
    Very smooth and light on resources – You’re right it’s a far cry from Google Drive.
    GDocsDrive uses a fraction of the memory that Chrome and Google Drive use.

    The operation using local apps is indeed seamless and very convenient.

    The question was asked about using different Google accounts – Google Drives,
    and would be nice to have in tabs, but this is blocked by Google in my experience.
    I always get a notice to sign out, before I van access my other Google Drive.

    I do have to differ on your point that temp files get automatically deleted..
    I did do a search for them and can tell you they are not..
    The path is Drive:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp\GDocsDriveTmpFolder\NumberedFolder\ file

    This was from an upload to Google Drive (obviously via GDocsDrive App)
    Since I didn’t download this file to be edited, there’s only a single one of this
    particular file. With a download and upload there will be 2.

    Just thought I point this out to backup my claim that of not being disk-free.

    Nevertheless – This in no way detracts from the aplication, since this happens
    to every action on a computer..An enormous collection of temp files….

    Thanks again for your generosity to make the App available for free with this promotion.

    Peter E.

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    [ @Peter E] Hi Peter,

    Thanks again for your testing.
    The temp files will be deleted every time GDocsDrive restarts. It is difficult to check whether the temp files are no longer useful or not when GDocsDrive is running, so the temp files are not real-time deleted.

    Best regards,

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