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    Have something to say about Genie Backup Manager Home 9? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Genie Backup Manager Home 9, post it here! If you know of issues with Genie Backup Manager Home 9, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Alice Taylor

    Thank you so much for this backup Manager. I recently bought a new hard drive and was wondering how I am going too backup my PC to it. So you have just made my day.

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    Dave Hovey

    Hello the code for Genie Backup Manager does not fit.GBH9-076031EBEECFF3A46?????

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    I took a quick tour of the product features and the online help on Genie site. And I still don’t know what this program is, technically speaking. It’s obvious it backups files and folders. What we don’t know is whether it is able to make an image of a volume or of a complete PC.

    In spite of the fact there’s something called “disaster recovery”, I suspect this is a make-do solution and not a real imaging function at all. Shame on Genie for not making this clear. This is the absolute first thing to explain when you’re offering a backup-type product. Is it a boat, or a plane ? We just don’t know.

    Plus, at 50 $ for a single computer, the regular price is not cheap.

    Have a look at this :

    “After Genie Disaster Recovery bootable disc is created, it is required to backup essential data to restore your system to the previous state prior the disaster. The following components are always added to the disaster recovery backup job : Windows Folder, Program Files, Documents and Settings, System State. Note : It is recommended that the GDR backup job only consists this data as this backup is restored outside windows environment and for a faster recovery without any conflicts or errors, it is recommended that the size stays reasonable and all other data should be backed up in a different backup and restored inside windows environment.”

    This does not make any sense. “System State” is not an official Windows designation, to the best of my knowledge. You don’t do disaster recovery by saving the “Windows Folder” (whatever that is). You do it by imaging your system disk — and preferrably your whole computer.

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    Doug Dingle

    From the reviewer: “I find Genie Backup Manager to be very fast. Backing up 1.2GB of files will take about 4 minutes only.”

    That can’t be right. That would mean that backing up the 120GB of files on my boot drive would take 400 minutes, or almost 7 hours. I use Macrium Reflect and that takes about 25 minutes to back up (in an image file) 120GB with FULL VERIFY.

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    Registration code does not work as given. Does not conform to spacing.

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    I tested this program and I will NOT use it as it lacks a very crucial and important feature that every GOOD backup program MUST have.
    It does NOT have an emergency boot create feature.
    You must have this feature so in case your PC has major issues or crashes you can boot up your PC with the emergency boot system (USB or CD/DVD) and restore your backup image.
    Forget this program as it is weak and incomplete.

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    Sorry to say but Genie Backup Manager Home 9 dates back to 2012 which makes me think that compatibility with Windows 10 is rather unlikely.
    As I am currently looking for a reliable backup/imaging software I would have been pleased to get one free licence which after a reasonable time of use I would have augmented by another 2 paid licences.

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    Ron Shirley

    After Microsoft installed an upgrade ?!? on my windows 10 Home Premium I thought this would be a good program to try. Problem is it will not install. Says the date or code is wrong and stops. If there time is Eastern daylight time, we in central time can not contact them if we install in the afternoon after the close so does that mean it is a useless download or is there a way to install and activat tomorrow?

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    Phần mềm này có Khôi phục dữ liệu bị virus mã hóa đòi tiền chuộc được không vậy. Thank

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    Après avoir essayé le logiciel GENIE BACKUP MANAGER HOME 9, je suis très satisfait.
    En effet , ce logiciel a une interface intuitive et conviviale.
    Son utilisation est pratique et simple même pour les débutants en informatique.

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    Robin Scott

    [@Dave Hovey] Hello Dave,

    This license key you are having is for registering the Home edition of Genie Backup Manager 9.0 (GBM 9.0). So, are you sure you installed the Home edition, not the Pro or the Server one?

    You may uninstall GBM without keeping its settings, then download the latest setup file of GBM Home 9.0 using the following link: http://downloads.genie9.com/gbm/GenieBackupManagerHomev9DR.exe

    Run the downloaded setup file and proceed with installing GBM.

    Can you register it using your license key now? If not yet, please feel free to contact the support using the following page: https://www.genie9.com/Support/ContactSupport.aspx

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    Robin Scott

    [@JohnUSA] Hello,

    Sure there is a Genie Disaster Recovery Bootable Disk that you need to create, so in a case of a disaster, you can boot from it and continue to restore from your Disaster Recovery backup. You can learn more about it by referring to the following link:


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    Robin Scott

    [@Ron Shirley] Hello Ron,

    Regarding your installation issue, please feel free to contact the support team at Genie9. They will gladly assist you. Here is the link to the Contact Support page of them: https://www.genie9.com/Support/ContactSupport.aspx

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