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    Have something to say about Genie Timeline Home 10? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Genie Timeline Home 10, post it here! If you know of issues with Genie Timeline Home 10, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Is the backup protected from being hijacked by ransomware?

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    I had an older version of this that I used previously. I think I purchased the software, but cannot find the license no., etc. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to download, install and register this program easily. I am running my first timeline/backup now and it seems to be moving along smoothly.

    I was reminded of the simplicity of the program in setting up the timeline then running it and maintaining it regularly.

    A good program IMO worth checking out.


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    This program was offered here on SoS recently. I am pretty well covered as far as backup programs are concerned, but I wanted to test the program out. I had a previous version a couple years back and had so many problems with it that I had to uninstall it for good. Now, I was curious if those issues had been resolved, so I decided to give it another test.

    AGAIN, It has failed me.

    After install, I set up a backup profile. The defaults presumed I wanted to back up C:\Users\<user name> but instead, I wanted to backup some files on a different drive, but not the entire drive, just one folder, whihc does have some sub-folders. Therefore, I cleared the boxes for anything on the C drive, and when satisfied I had selected the correct folder to backup, I initiated the first backup.

    Initially, the program takes a very long time to get the first set of files backed up. For me, that took more than a day. I had other things to do so I did not investigate whether the backups were complete, recoverable, or anything else at the time. I would get to that later on.

    A couple days later I was still working on other things when I noticed that Genie Timeline Backup seemed to be working all the time even though I had not been working on the files that it was set up to cover. Instead, I had been working with some copies of screen demonstrations video. These are stored on a different drive (not the C drive, nor the drive that the backup was set up to cover), but I had copied the ones I needed to do editing to the C drive. Since the files Genie Timeline Backup is supposed to be monitoring has not been modified recently, I needed to see what the program was doing. To my surprise, the file it was backing up was one of the videos I had been working with. I has not asked for anything on the C drive to be backed up, and I did not want to clog up the backup drive with extra data that is already being backed up elsewhere.

    I have tried modifying the settings again, and I have even manually removed the folder it made of the C drive files in its backup location, but the program has decided that it is going to back up those files on the C drive regardless, so they still show up in the backup, taking up valuable space, not to mention the extra CPU usage and slowdown of the computer while it does these backups.

    I have not had any other backup program that the user cannot control except for this one.

    Hopefully, someone can set up a profile for a different drive and clear the C drive boxes to see if the same thing happens.

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    David Almada

    [ @Ashraf]
    Hello, I installed Genie Timeline and ran a backup about 2 days ago I also entered my registration number. I cannot open the application now. I pinned it to my taskbar but when I click nothing happens. This is August 26. It also doesn’t run a backup automatically every day like i chose????
    Take care,

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    nobody is answering these questions / comments. I need to know if this can recover anything if my computer blows up. Is it backed up in a cloud? Can I restore the things on another computer?

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    The link to the vendor’s website is incorrect.
    The correct link is http://www.genie9.com/

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