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    Have something to say about Genie Timeline Home 10? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Genie Timeline Home 10, post it here! If you know of issues with Genie Timeline Home 10, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    In my eyes: was not bad…long long time ago!

    This is a very old software (~ 5 years…) and had not evolved since.
    This means, you may use it for old hardware.
    But it has
    neither been certified for new hardware (consider the newer protection standards)
    nor for Windows 11.
    So in worst case it might(…) not be impossible to restore the complete system.
    Due to that risk I suggest rather the one of the many similar but newer programs – as e.g. “Ashamoo Backup 16” (or its limited companion “Ashampoo Backup 2022”)

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    You are right that this is old. I have been using it for some years. I downloaded v 10 and it is working fine. I like way it works in the background using minimal resources. I have tested the backups to make sure there are no problems, and everything seems in order.

    FWIW, I don’t use the Ashampoo products. It goes back to when they used to spam my inbox to death. While I understand they have backed off of that lately I have found other useful programs (many from testing those offered here) that do the same functions as those from Ashampoo.

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    Wow you guys aren’t kidding, apparently last updated 2016, according to Download crew.

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    Joachim Gehm

    Habe es bei einem Bekannten kennen gelernt, der es heruntergeladen und getestet hat. Die Ergebnisse haben mich überzeugt. Es arbeitet unauffällig und ohne die Prozesse des PC zu verlangsamen . Einmal installiert und keine Probleme mehr deshalb auch sehr empfehlenswert und 5 Sterne.

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    Be very careful of this software. Read the reviews how that restoring can run into trouble. There are definitely problems with this software as far as recovery is concerned.
    This is supposed to be similar to Apple’s Time Machine, but it misses the mark.
    Here are the cons to this program from PCWorld:
    Doesn’t support online storage services
    Only one data set and job
    Problematic recovery discs

    And they also had this to say:
    We’d normally recommend choosing the Disaster Recovery option; this is also the option that mimics Apple Time Machine’s ability to restore your entire installation. To that end, Genie now provides Linux-based disaster recovery boot media. You must download a separate program to create it, but it’s available. Sadly, it proved problematic over several machines.

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    Hello, I’m unable to get license key. I tried a few times, all I’m getting is this message “You already have a license, please login into your account to get your license key”. I created account, but don’t see my license key. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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    Rob Pijl

    After filling out the form on the registration page I didn’t get my license key. Please help me out! Thanks in advance, Rob

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    peter palloch

    After filling out the form on the registration page I didn’t get my license key. Please help me out! Thanks in advance, Peter

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    I unable to get license key. I tried a few times with 2 adresses mails I don’t receive key but i receive now suggestion for buy the product.

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    William Kelly Brown

    When I fill in the information on the registration page, it tells me I already have a license and I should log in to retrieve it but there is no login link to be found. I have no idea how to get this licensed…….any ideas?

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    Donald Bone

    Similar to other recent comments, the registration page does not work! It says I already have an account, which is possible, but there is no option to login! Can someone fix this problem please?

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    I selected a single drive letter to do a backup and that data is backed up. When I plug in a removable USB drive, when I get ready to remove/eject it, using Zentimo in the System Tray, it shows that the USB drive is locked by Genie Timeline Home.

    There is no reason for Genie Timeline Home to be locking a drive I have not selected to back up. It becomes a major hassle to get that USB drive disconnected

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