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    Have something to say about GiMeSpace Keyboard & Mouse Share? Say it here!

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    Spam Sorenson

    Based upon the description, this is rather neat.

    Some initial questions are (I will know shortly):

    Does the limit of 2 computers to share KM limited to 2 or limited to 2 concurrent? can I for example connect the server to 6 computers but only one at a time, or is two the max, and if a client is off line can I reconnect it later?

    If I have the server registered today (Sat – the Giveaway day) can I add another computer to the mix monday when I bring it home from the office? In other words is my license activation the determining factor or is the installation date?

    Can I (say in 3 months) delete a computer and add it’s replacement?

    Anyway I will be testing this today. I will let you know in a review.

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    [ @Spam Sorenson]
    This giveaway is running for a whole week so you can activate it on as many computers as you want. But the KMShare edition only allows 2 computers (1 server 1 client) to connect together at the same time. If you want the server to connect to 2 clients at the same time you need to get the Pro edition which is on big discount this week as well.
    If you buy a new computer in the future you will need to buy a license or wait until the next giveaway.

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    can’t see a way to register the program…any help?

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    If you used this program before on the last giveaway your copy is likely still registered.

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    This is dependent on the operating system though right? Is there a Mac version, and even Linux? Kind of doubt the latter..

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    [ @Mark]
    No this program depends on special Windows API calls that are not present in Mac or Linux so for the moment only Windows XP and later Windows versions are supported

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