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    Have something to say about GoodSync 11? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than GoodSync 11, post it here! If you know of issues with GoodSync 11, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I guess it might be a worthwhile utility, but I’ll never know because I wasted an hour or more verifying the account with the code # the author sent to me only to have it rejected. It even began counting my attempts. That just is not worth the hassle.
    On the star system I have to give it an overall 1 star.

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    Does the licence just cover the version and updates, or the functionality?
    What happens when the licence expires in a year? Will the product still work or will it require a new licence?

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    Peter Blaise

    Thanks, but expiring license means TRIALWARE, not a giveaway, and so, I’ll just use FREE alternatives like RoboCopy in batch files in schedules, though free RoboCopy has it’s own watch-scheduler inbuilt, too.

    Give us a full non-expiring license and I’ll give appropriate feedback in exchange – that’s what I come to giveaway sites for.

    Thanks anyway.

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    Shelton Shannon

    What a waste of time sharewareonsale will not even let me complete the checkout process . I get a error code: “This giveaway is only for devices” Is a pc laptop NOT A DEVICE???

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    The licence key only gives you one year “free trail”, and this is never mentioned on the giveaway page or the email.
    This is a fraud.

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    GoodSync 11

    [ @Duke] Hi, the terms and conditions does mention this on the page :)

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    I still have version 10 from a previous giveaway here. It has no time limit on its license. I’ll stick with that.
    This is one of those programs I think I need, but have never used since installing it 2 years ago. Sounds like it does a lot of good things.

    In my last job I used “Karen’s Replicator” to set up backup jobs for all my important stuff. Sent my files to two different network drives twice a day. Replicator took a lot of setup time but then was hands off, running reliably for years, copying only files that changed. Took about 30-60 seconds each time it ran. I think Good Sync will do the same, but Replicator is free. Karen has since passed away, but her husband still makes her work available to us.

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    GoodSync 11

    [ @Michael] Hi Michael, the license covers full functionality. After the first year ends, your subscription changes to https://www.goodsync.com/personal. Visit the “Compare” tab for more information. Thank you!

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    [ @Ashraf]

    Hi, I did not redeem my goodsync code in time due to summer holidays, and now it has expired. How can I get a new one please?

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