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    No place to register S/W after Windows 7 installation.

    Please advise

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    Excellent program. Thank you very much.

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    When ever I try to register it. All I get is a black screen. Any ideas? I’ve tried to just enter the user name like another post said, but that didn’t work either. I am running on MacOSX

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    nice,thanks nice,thanks

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    Hi, just downloaded and installed it now, but it only shows black screen after opening. What can be done to make it work???

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    ou dois-je enregistrer google earth pro ?

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    Google Earth Pro is FREE, no need registration.
    Last version is here:

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    Dumb question time
    What am I doing wrong? Every time I click the download button I get this zip program but do not get the program.
    Am I trying to download in the place, or I don’t understand.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Mark Magill

    LICENSE PROBLEM: I’m having the same program that GHUDAK is: I have the registration key, but can’t find anywhere to use it. Then I had an idea that maybe that was the Google account/password I had to use, but that didn’t work either.

    We would really appreciate a quick answer on this (as if we’d never seen the program before lead us by the nose…) so we don’t lose this fantastic resource. I tried clicking on “License” but that just told me about the program license.

    When I installed it, I chose “install and start it” options, should I not have? Should I uninstall and reinstall?


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    Downloaded and installed without problem. Could not find location to input license key so clicked on “Sign In” at top right of screen. This opened a Gmail login page and I used my Gmail account and logged in. I searched again for a location to input the license key data but none appears to exist. It would appear that Google has ceased making that particular item necessary. Thanks Google and thanks SOS.

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    thanks a lot, a very wonderful site.

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    Very good! Thank you ever so much!

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    Google Earth is free now, no need to register.

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