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    OK, I got the information in the email from shareware on sale. downloaded Google Earth Pro from the link and installed it. Nowhere during the install did it ask to register.

    the Email Says
    “The download link for Google Earth Pro is given to you above. Download and install Google Earth Pro and login / register it with the following:”

    Can’t figure out where to go to register it.
    any helpful suggestions?

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    [ @Ashraf] Thanks, but I can not find where to register

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    Ali Muhammad

    A great familiar software which I recommend for suing to all my friends.

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    Tried to download but gets an error. I am on Mac. Can you help? Thanks in advance. Cheers!

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    Dan s

    Installed but software didn’t request license key at startup.
    What should I do to ascertain that it is indeed fully registered ?
    Installation was done on a brand new laptop with no such software ever before.

Viewing 5 posts - 106 through 110 (of 110 total)
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