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    Have something to say about HDD Mechanic? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than HDD Mechanic, post it here! If you know of issues with HDD Mechanic, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    mark cuozzo

    where do i add registration code for hdd mechanic 2.1

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    Thanks Ashraf for another useful giveaway.
    Best regards
    P.S. I’m confused; is it downgrade from v1.34.8 (given away on this site on 14.March2014.) to v1.33.5?

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    To register please click in main menu: “Help” – “About” – “Input Key”;
    or click “Enter Key” button on main toolbar. Enter your Registration Name and Registration key that you have.


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    very nice share
    really usueful

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    burak er

    I used to use the old up too need to look good or experimenting :)

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    thanks again for another very useful program, will put it trial soon with one of my bad hard disk
    Best regards

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    What version is this please?

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    [@Dennis] Sorry, found it. V 2.1. Same as an earlier Giveaway. Not an upgrade…

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    Dakota Woman

    Where do I register my copy of HDD Mechanic? I can’t find a url or a link. Thanks

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    Rob Down Under

    When GOTD gave this away (Standard ver 2.1) in Oct 2015, this got a big thumbs up from XP-Man.
    His opinion is valued on that site.
    Also other members gave it an 86% thumbs up
    Which is about as high as they get.

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    Arnold Magy

    I did not see where it is indicated that it will work with Windows 10. Will it?


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    Arnold Magy

    Good Morning.

    Please advise me if HDD Mech will work with Windows 10.


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    This version (2.1) has been around since 2011. I wonder if it is still supported?
    I haven’t used it so ignore my rating.

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    I have installed this twice and it won’t open. I am using Windows 7 x64 Home Premium.

    Once the installation nears end, the window says to click Finish to start the program. The installer hangs and the program never starts. Eventually I have to force stop it with Task Manager.

    No shortcut is created for the desktop. I’ve tried to start the program both from the Start Menu shortcut and the actual .exe in the install folder. Nothing happens.

    No entry is created in Windows’ Programs and Features or in Revo Uninstaller, so I have to use the uninstall executable in the program’s folder to uninstall.

    I reinstall the program and the entire sequence above starts again. I’ve changed Compatibility Mode settings to Vista SP2 and XP and this still doesn’t work. What now? I have yet to even be able to look at the interface, much less register it.

    The only thing I detect is that my laptop fan ramps up and stays ramped after trying to start this. There’s nothing remotely related to this program in Task Manager but something has happened, or is attempting to.

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