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    It worked well and some sites seemed to perform better, but some others cut the connection such as http://aa.usno.navy.mil

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    Tony Nilson

    installed and activated smoothly, and clicked the “HIDE THE IP” button, and it do changed in the software, but, how can i verify the effect of it outside of the software?


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    Very Good

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    Thanks Ashraf for another nice giveaway.
    Best regards

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    it works on the 1st time you install it and accept the serial and everything

    the next time you run the program it crashes and revert back to non premium status

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    nice cool best lover:)

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    Doug Ames

    Looks like the free giveaway only includes their web browser proxy service, not their Premium VPN service.

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    Yes, it works like a breeze, no questions, BUT:

    Many programs (too many to list, but Hypersnap, O%O Defrag, Invidia utils, even Calibre, etc) started to crash. In all cases the culprit is WS2_32.DLL, which causes the crashes.
    This is in turn caused by installation of Hide My IP. Yes, I made a ton of tests, using various system backups, etc. Normally my system is perfectly stable and rock solid.
    All scenarios always point to Hide My IP, which, although working perfectly itself, is causing a mess with WS2_32.DLL, making use of many programs impossible. Simple uninstallation of Hide My IP immediately rectifies the problem.
    The system is Win7 64.

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    Thank you for this usefull giveaway!

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    Read the fine line & check details.. the offer most likely is for 1 month of premium then back to regular for the rest of the year…in other words, i’ll stick with my lifetime cyberghost

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    What is this (download from official website), on Virustotal.com:

    CAT-QuickHeal RiskTool.AVInfoAssist 20170411
    Kaspersky not-a-virus:RiskTool.Win32.AVInfoAssist.a 20170411
    TrendMicro-HouseCall Suspicious_GEN.F47V0225 20170411
    ZoneAlarm by Check Point not-a-virus:RiskTool.Win32.AVInfoAssist.a 20170411

    SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_Hide_My_IP_hub file:

    Webroot W32.Malware.Gen 20170411

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    Elijah Gale

    I am having a hard time getting the license to validate. It gains it, then loses it. HELP.

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    First of all, the Superfish vulnerability that Janet mentioned, i don’t think there is evidence that is in this software (if so please post proof/links).
    You can go to this site to check your pc for Superfish. https://filippo.io/Badfish/ As for this software, it basically does what it says it will. One problem with these services, which they can’t control, is that idiots will use their services , which gets the VPN IP banned by popular sites. Then, when new Hide My IP members try to access those sites they find they are banned. Now, Hide My IP has 110 separate IPs, which is a lot, but, for example, vaughnlive.tv has already banned over 80 of those IP addresses. Again, NOT Hide MY IP’s fault, but something you need to know. This also comes into play when you are trying to access a particular country, i.e. UK, wherein your access to content is geo-restricted. It seems that Hide My IP has no plans to add additional servers/IPs to combat this issue, so the service may fade. When companies sell “lifetime” subscriptions, their motivation to continue support is negligible since they have already collected all the money they are going to get up front. BUT AGAIN, the product does perform as promised, which says a great deal. I would definitely suggest that everyone try this one out for themselves, premium service speeds are very fast and you can use it for traffic other than just www.

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    So slow as to be totally useless as far as how it works for me. Tried several different servers and the best rendered my internet speed to one tenth!

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