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    Have something to say about Home Photo Studio Deluxe 9? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Home Photo Studio Deluxe 9, post it here! If you know of issues with Home Photo Studio Deluxe 9, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Jerry Lewis

    I have tried this program briefly and i have two points ,first my AV blocked the SOS downloader for the very first time since i have been using it ,some two years ,i dont know if the downloader/installer has changed or is it directly related to this program , that give me cause for concern ,( and i dont believe in the notion of “false positives “, there is always a reason why ). I however went against my best judgement closed the AV and installed the program and tried it with a few pics i have the results are good i am impress or maybe i should say its a good program for doing such jobs ,however i believe that giveaways are intended to give you a chance to get to know the company’s products and the program in particular but with this program some of the “extras “that enhances the program function you have to go through hoops and ladders to get ( on FB ) and others you have to buy ,no problem but i do not believe its just in this giveaway but in the paid version as well ,so as good as i think this product is i will not buy it but would keep this giveaway , give or sell me a fully functional program let me pay the price and be finished .

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    Michael , 2017-08-30 13:13

    Can’t get my Sharewareonsale Home Photo Studio Deluxe_9
    registered.The license key: 23XMWYF5PV25HARFUCWPi
    being pasted the “Check” button is dull (is not active).
    Would you help? Thank you,

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    After you install this program you are presented with a “Welcome video”. Bit you can view the video before installing by using this link: http://home-photo-studio.com/welcome.php

    The feature I was most interested in was to change backgrounds. I selected the background that I wanted to remove and I got a popup: This feature is not available in your version. Upgrade to Home Photo Studio Gold to access it. 70% off. The price would be $14.70. Go to: http://ams-photo-software.com/lp/home-photo-studio-10.php

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    [@RockFox] Thank you for saving me time!!! I too was interested in that feature, since it isn’t available in the giveaway version I won’t bother installing it.

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    Avast antivirus blocked installer until they had a chance to examine it… 2 hours later it got the all clear. Package itself is fine if limited, it wouldn’t represent value for money for $39 IMHO but at $0 it’s fine!

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    Lesley Knight

    [@Michael] Please contact our support team at http://home-photo-studio.com/support.php – they’ll try to figure out what’s wrong.

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    just tried it out. so far so good. not as superior as paint.net. but its a good alternative. cheers boss

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    FYI: here are the differences in the versions: http://home-photo-studio.com/order.php.

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    thanks but i will leave it.

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    Thanks so much for the program. I wasn’t expecting much because I’ve never heard of it, but I was pleasantly surprised. I took some time to try out all the different things that it does and it does quite a bit more than I thought and it does them well. It is intuitive and easy to learn. I haven’t learned it all yet, but experimenting with it was quite fun.

    Thanks ashraf and Home Photo Studio Deluxe.

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    man, i got the same problem,like you.
    I think you paste the key in the wrong place(you paste in email part) so double check it ,it’ll work.

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    Thank you,Ashraf

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    [@Jerry Lewis] Can you please send me a screenshot of your AV blocking our downloader? It hasn’t been changed at all.

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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