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    Have something to say about idoo PC Cleaner? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than idoo PC Cleaner, post it here! If you know of issues with idoo PC Cleaner, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Dave Hovey

    I am trying to register PC Cleaner. I input code and nothing happens???

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    john mason

    thank you!

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    Arnold Magy


    Ashraf, There may be a contamination of file #1. Chrome blocks it. However, file #2 shows no problem. Please check.


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    Peter Blaise

    [@Arnold Magy] Weird — Chrome also blocked #1, but I said [ Keep ] and sent it to VirusTotal.com and it came up clean 0/55 reporting, so I added a + comment there.

    Chrome is overprotective, and I guess that’s good, but us hackers know and take responsibility.

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    Peter Blaise

    Nice — found 4 GB * of crap ( on 120 GB drive ) that other cleaners left behind, and I use killer cleaners: Old Timer, AddPCs, KCleaner, CCleaner, Glary, IObit, CleanMgr, Kerish Doctor, CleanUp! …

    1 – RESIZABLE windows please — let me see a whole line of results on an HD -w-i-d-e- screen.

    2 – let us change the order of columns — I like filename and filesize next to each other.

    3 – add column for filetype even though it’s already in filename.

    4 – I know, it found 30,000+ files, but let me click on a column to sort by that column — I’ll wait, I want to see results in a variety of orders to get familiar with what my computer is doing, and what the tool is doing.

    5 – add checkboxes to toggle some found files on and off.

    6 – add exceptions to ignore certain directories, such as I WANT PeerBlock logs, but not most other logs, I WANT big temporary Word files because they contain data, but I don’t want small temporary Word files because they are empty.

    HINT: Run idoo PC Cleaner multiple times with only ONE different filetype option checked on each run instead of running with multiple filetypes all in one go, it will take longer, but give you more control over smaller resulting file sets.

    Thanks — it seems that every “clean up” program looks in different places, and so we’ll apparently need ’em all … drat!

    Any other recommendations for cleanup resources, folks?

    * TRIVIA: … and I remember moving from single-sided 5 1/4″ 160 KB diskettes to whopping double-sided 320 KB diskettes ( $600 drives at the time, by the way ) and wondering what we were going to do with all the extra space ( we didn’t have hard drives, we swapped floppies to get anything done ).

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    Peter Blaise

    [@john mason] Reboot, try again, cut and paste, tell us more — your PC, other stuff, you know the drill.

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    Peter Blaise

    [@Peter Blaise] Well, that was embarrassing — it totally failed to delete any of the 30,000+ 4 GB files it found … so I exited and restarted and tried just a few files at a time before stopping it and telling it to clean, and it seems as if it’s working now.

    You know the drill, folks, if something offends you kill it, and if the problem goes away on restart, you win, but if the problem comes back, THEN troubleshoot.

    Yup, 1,000 files 83 MB FAILS.

    I’m about to uninstall this program — NRFPTY (Nerf Putty ) Not Ready For Prime Time Yet.

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    Noor Suria


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    [@Arnold Magy] They are the exact same files, just hosted at two different locations.

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    Contain Malware in file krnln.fnr (kernel file), type W32.Malware.Gen as reported by webroot security software. Cleaning of this file makes the program unusable.

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    merci a vous

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    yasar yar


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