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    Have something to say about InPixio Photo Focus 3? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than InPixio Photo Focus 3, post it here! If you know of issues with InPixio Photo Focus 3, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    John Way


    I am having an issue installing this software.

    I have followed all instructions and have already received my License Code by Email.

    However, when I install the program, the link within the installer to Activate the product merely takes me to the same Registration page as before and I end up in a loop continuously Registering every time I attempt to install the product.

    The product is not therefore installed, and I have no opportunity to add the Activation code, as the only action the Activation link within the installer performs, is to return me to the Registration page.

    Your advice would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks
    John Way

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    John Way


    Update to my previous message . . . the program has,following multiple attempts, now installed and allowed me to activate it.

    Not sure why, but pleased that it now works !

    Many thanks :)

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    Carole Anne Farber

    I downloaded it but it won’t install I did it 3 times I have the key from the email and I did not download it from their email only shareware email…I guess I wont be getting this one..thanks anyway

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    Got the serial number but after the install say Key is Invalid!

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    Василий Адамович

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    When I got the program downloaded from the shareware site and did click the exe to install after the status bar was through it disappeared and left me hanging there wondering what was next. All I got was that little promo screen in German beckoning me to 2 websites and I don’t know what the 3rd link did. I thought the software did not install as there was no such finish communication. I did a search of my computer and did find that the program did install. I click on the program exe only to find I do not have the permission to access it. I run the installer as administrator, previous installation exe disappears and all I can find with a search is in prefetch “INPIXIO PHOTO FOCUS 3.EXE-EED7AA9E.pf” This seems like it is going nowhere so I guess I’ll just forget this one.

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    Trying to install but Windows Security says potentially unwanted app found: PUA:Win32/SpeedingUpMyPC.
    And won’t go any further. I’m going to try allowing it to see if it will install.

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    Hello everyone,
    Did you see that AVANQUEST is the developer of this software?
    Because the reason for all your problems is there. Avanquest is absolutely unable to produce software that installs, operates, or uninstalls properly.
    Avoid Avanquest, my friends ….

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    Pat L

    Cannot install software as Win 10 security has identified and blocked program, claiming it has potentially unwanted behavior. Window detected PUA:Win32/SpeedingUpMyPC. Affected item: file: C:\Users\pl\AppData\Local\Temp\inPixio Photo Focus\Data\DEU\InPixioPhotoFocus3.0_x86.exe.

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    Peter Blaise

    Wow, what a waste of time – this program has NO SMARTS and makes grainy noise where ANY other program understands to adjust total and local contrast, darkening and sharpening edged, and smoothing between edges.

    Look up defog sharpening for Photoshop.

    ANY program is better, even good old free IrfanView and good old free Google Picasa, both with auto-sharpen with auto-exposure.

    inpixio-photo-focus-3 doesn’t even have auto-exposure adjustment.

    Why do programmers not even check the competition before starting their programming project, let alone before releasing it into the public?


    NRFPTY – Not Ready For Prime Time Yet – Nerf Putty.

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    [ @Ashraf] Hello, I downloaded and installed the software using the installer program received by email, successfully installed it and got to the page where it requested that I enter a license key which was never received. Can you please send a key so I can complete the installation? Thanks.

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    masakazu mori

    ダウンロードした[InPixio Photo Focus 3.exe]を起動しても、[InPixio Photo Focu]のポップアップバーが表示された後はセットアップ画面が表示されず、インストールができません。
    ウェブから[inPixio Photo Focus Seriennummer : 6ZAWXF-X1X18V-TWNP2D-0Z6TSZ-092PB4-1A0986]を入手出来ているのですが・・・

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    Password 6ZAWXF-X1X18V-TWNP2D-0Z6TSZ-092PB4-1A0986 does not work. The Next button remains gray and inactive.

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