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    Have something to say about IvyBackup? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than IvyBackup, post it here! If you know of issues with IvyBackup, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    IvyBackup comes in three editions: Home, Standard, and Professional. Based on the regular price of $19.95 shown on SoS, that would mean this is the Home edition being offered.

    The description states: “IvyBackup creates full and smart backups (differential and incremental)” but the Home edition does not have either differential or incremental backup capability.

    Your previous giveaway offers were done the same way. Several people commented about the bait and switch advertising. Looks like you are still listing features of the Professional edition but offering only the Home edition. Please be honest in what is being offered.

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    [ @Gary]

    Hi Gary,

    You’re right, the information in the description is inaccurate. We’re working with the SOS team to get that corrected ASAP. The correct description is below:


    IvyBackup is a light-weight, efficient and user friendly backup tool for
    your Windows computer. It helps you create and schedule your
    backup tasks in the shortest time possible.

    IvyBackup Home Edition offers basic backup functionality for your
    home or personal computer. Ideal for users new to the backup
    process, it offers just enough features to get you started.

    The home edition lets you create full zip backups, set actions to
    happen before or after your backups, transfer backup jobs between
    computers and backup files while you work on them in other
    applications and programs.

    More Key Features
    – Backup to local and removable disk
    – Flexible backup scheduler
    – Backup notes.
    – Detailed backup reports ( pdf and text file )
    – Different file comparison modes
    – File/folder include and exclude filters
    – Custom backup compression levels

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    The narrative goes on and on and on about “backup” but nothing about the “restore” process. I did find mention of disk cloning but nothing about restoring that disk clone in case of hard disk failure. Is there a bootable rescue CD?

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    [ @RockFox]

    Hi RockFox,

    For file/folder backups, the restore process is as easy as the create backup process, you restore and test your backups from the backup manager tab.

    We always encourage that your backup destination be a secondary storage device rather than the hard drive you’re running IvyBackup on. It could be an external hard drive, a network storage device, a Dropbox or even Google Drive account etc. While not available in the Home Edition, there’s the ability to import these previously created backups in the unfortunate event that your hard drive crashes or fails.

    For disk or partition images, unfortunately IvyBackup 2 doesn’t have a live rescue disk yet. However, this is on our bucket list for version 3.

    If you have any other questions, please send an email to support: support@ivybackup.com

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    R R Salhus

    Sounds like this program is pretty much worthless if you can’t restore something that you’ve backed up. To get restoration features you have to buy a different version. A classic case of “Bait and Switch” if you ask me.

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    [ @Ashraf] When I enter my license activation code, it says to restart IvyBackup to complete activation. But when I do that, it tells me I’m still in trial mode.

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    Some say…Ivy is poisonous. lol

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