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    Have something to say about Jutoh? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Jutoh, post it here! If you know of issues with Jutoh, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Thank you, looking forward to giving this a spin.

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    I created an epub from the supplied sample project : ‘Birds’. I tried opening it with Adobe Digital editions and the program just hung. I have no problem opening other epub files in Adobe Digital editions.

    I could open the epub file in the Calibre ebook reader, but Adobe Digital editions would have to be supported for Jutoh to be any use.

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    Julian Smart

    [@njwdt] Sorry to hear that. The Epub 3 fixed layout file generated by Jutoh 2.88 opens fine on my Windows 8 PC running Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.8, so it’s worth checking if you have the most up-to-date ADE. ADE certainly has had problems in the past with opening Epub 3/fixed layout files – including hanging – but it has been improving. Note that most people don’t create fixed layout books, which is what the Birds sample is demonstrating.

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    [ @Julian Smart] Thanks for the follow up. I didn’t really look at the layout – just chose a sample project at random. I’ve checked ADE and it is version 4.5.10 and I’m on Windows 10

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    Julian Smart

    [@njwdt] Ah, thanks for the extra information. I updated to ADE 4.5.10 on a Windows 10 PC and the Birds sample still launched OK; I think ADE uses external components from Internet Explorer for its Epub 3 rendering – or used to – so it may be some IE configuration issue. If you install the AZARDI Epub reader, which implements Epub 3 and fixed layout pretty well, you can verify that the book does work, and clicking “Check” in Jutoh invokes EpubCheck (if Java is installed on your machine) which will tell you that the book is a valid Epub 3 file by reporting no errors.

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    [ @Julian Smart] Thanks. As I said: “I could open the epub file in the Calibre ebook reader” so the file is OK but if ADE doesn’t open the file on my machine – some chance it won’t work on other’s either

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    Julian Smart

    [@njwdt] Yep. Let’s hope Adobe finds the problem and sorts it soon. Fortunately, it seems to only affect fixed layout.

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    Issue 1:

    During the install, the user is asked if they wish to install the Kindle components. After successfully installing Kindlegen, I tried installing the Kindle Preview Installer. I received a notice from Jutoh that it failed (Sorry, Jutoh was not able to download and install Kindle Previewer. Please download it manually and click on install.)

    I did not manually download the Kindle Preview Installer, deciding I would deal with that issue later. Instead, I clicked OK, and then the next dialog was an error: Jutoh 2 Error: Execution of command ‘C:\users\<usename>\AppData\Local\Temp/KindlePreviewInstaller.exe’ failed (error 5: access is denied.)

    That error could have been avoided by the Jutoh software by first checking to see if I had installed the software. If the KindlePreviewInstaller.exe is not there, obviously I did not install it, and therefore, there is no need to attempt to execute it.

    Issue 2:
    The default Projects folder was on drive C, which I do not use for things like this. I decided to use a different folder than the default for the Jutoh Projects. I chose a folder on drive G instead. I was surprised to see later on the message:
    Your project is saved in a cloud folder (G:\Jutoh\Projects), which can cause conflicts when editing the project. Jutoh is therefore editing the project in a temporary file. Your edits will be copied to the original file when you close the project.

    Jutoh should not presume that anything other than the default is in the cloud.

    The dialog also has a button to get more information. That page contains lots of information. Here are a couple statements:

    Jutoh can detect when a project is being edited in a cloud folder, and edit the project in a temporary location instead. When the project is closed, the file is copied to the original location.
    By default, Jutoh checks for project paths containing the name Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, OneDrive or iCloud, and edits in a temporary location if found.

    Fine except, I didn’t have any of the “trigger” words.

    And one more:
    If you want to stop Jutoh from defaulting to cloud storage for new projects, click Options and in the General tab, set Documents to a local folder, for example c:\Users\JoeBloggs\Documents.

    So, is drive C: the only drive the software accepts? Let the user decide and do better at checking what the user has specified.

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    Julian Smart

    [ @Gary] Hi Gary, thanks for the feedback. I’ll check if Jutoh can prevent the unnecessary Kindle Previewer error message occurring. No, the C: drive is not the only one that Jutoh can use, but unfortunately you chose a drive that is in the default list of cloud locations because Google has decided to use G: for its cloud folder. You can remove this from the locations in Preferences, but I’ll consider a prompt that asks you whether it’s actually a Google drive.

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