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    Have something to say about KCleaner PRO? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than KCleaner PRO, post it here! If you know of issues with KCleaner PRO, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    I am not 100% sure but i think this program is made by the same people who made ccleaner before it was sold and in its early stages was known as crap cleaner a very good program even back then .So its not strange if you find that they are very similar in performance .I have paid for ccleaner for that reason i will not take this but i think it may worth a try .

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    When you try to register get a message-invalid license data

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    Are you using the name and code as provided ?

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    Not Portuguese language? They are losing more than 210 million customers in Brazil alone …

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    @Joey. No, this is not the same publisher that produces Ccleaner. Ccleaner is published by Piriform. KCsoftware has been offered here and elsewhere for several years. Their products are decent. Originally all of their installs contained Relevant Knowledge, a rather nasty addition to any installation process. They claim it has been removed but to be sure, head to the publisher’s site and download the portable, zipped file. It will extract to a folder with no installation required and will accept the registration info to become the pro version.

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    Thank you Ashraf & KcSoftwares for this opportunity and giveaway!

    It seems to be a very good software. There are a few things that need attention that would make it so much better and put it right into the spotlight in my opinion that I will mention here.

    I really like the automatic cleaning function, where you can set it every hour or every so many hours.

    I use Opera Browser latest, and I selected to NOT CLEAN COOKIES but to clean the OPERA CACHE. My Home page is Bing, and I always stay logged in there because I take advantage of the Bing rewards points all the time. So, I selected to not clean Cookies for Opera and left clean Opera Cache and it cleaned the cookies anyway. Using Opera Latest version. No big deal, I logged back in and select to NOT CLEAN OPERA CACHE and cleaned using the software and all was good.

    My suggestions are that first and foremost and exclusion for specific cookies would put this software over the top in my opinion. There simply isn’t anything out there trustworthy that does that. NOTE I SAID TRUSTWORTHY.

    I do use Privazer, it is Trustworthy, but it wasn’t you to pay to schedule or AUTOMATIC cleaning.

    So what I am mentioning are idea’s for improvement.

    It would be nice to have a scheduler, but automatic is fine considering on my PC it is showing it is running at 3mb’s max all the time, which that is VERY IMPRESSIVE!

    Something else, it would be nice to have the option when you click “X” to exit to tray to keep it running instead of “-” that is.

    The Cookie exclusion part is crucial for this one to ever be right. And like I said I use Opera Browser, there just isn’t anything out there that has that feature except Privazer or CCleaner but CCleaner is adware/spyware FROM WHAT I have heard.

    Adding Context options in this software without having to add ad ons would be a plus like the SHRED and other features.

    I am left wondering, since I have seen this software offered so many times here and other places and there really has not been any changes as to why?

    Thanks Ashraf!

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    It’s fun, fun and fun
    I wish you every success and success

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    John USA

    To users who are having issues registering this program….make sure you enter the following exactly:

    Name: SharewareOnSale

    Serial number: 61090071073083066097066096076078086084130086070051046054

    Use all of the above exactly…..do not enter your own name as this will NOT work.
    Read and follow these directions.
    The real problem is what is in front of your own keyboard.

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    [@Oliveira] They are looking for people that can translate for them. Many are doing this. Perhaps contact them and discuss doing a Brasilian Portuguese edition for them.

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    KCleaner keeps showing requires registration even after entering the following name and serial number.
    Name: SharewareOnSale
    Serial Number: 61090071073083066097066096076078086084130086070051046054

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    Are you kidding me? It’s been 4 days since installing this and I reboot and get “Invalid License” and it directs me to a page to purchase. This is a complete sham if you ask me. I have done nothing to invalidate the license, no updates, no registry cleaners run, nothing. Apparently the “Lifetime License” idea for the software creators must have changed their mind.

    I would not recommend this software at all. Some of the Kc’s software has been flagged as PUP’s anyway, but I give this one a chance and thought it worked fairly well until now.

    I don’t blame you Ashraf, thank you, I blame the developer, it’s a shame too, I thought the software had great potential. It upset me to the point I reinstalled my entire PC from an Image backup where this software was no where to be found on my PC. I am wondering if the software is safe now considering how my PC was acting strange when this happened. And no, was not a virus, I’m not a novice PC user, I know code and I know what happened, the developer just pulled the plug on the license I recieved.

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    Vous plaisantez j’espère? Cela fait 4 jours que je l’installe, je redémarre et j’obtiens une «licence invalide» qui me dirige vers une page d’achat. C’est un simulacre complet si vous me demandez. Je n’ai rien fait pour invalider la licence, pas de mises à jour, pas de nettoyeurs de registre, rien. Apparemment, l’idée de «licence à vie» pour les créateurs de logiciels doit avoir changé d’avis.

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