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    Patrick Blanchard

    This program appears to be very intelligently put together.
    I am already thinking of buying it.
    Thanks ShareWareOnSale!

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    Hi everybody. :-)

    This is a keeper!

    Thanks Ashraf, SharewareOnsale, Kerish doctor team.

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    Multumesc!Este super !

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    Bruce Weinstein

    I am not a neophyte when it comes to computing, I’ve several Windows platform certifications. Having never tried this product, I wanted to determine, if it had any merit regarding its ability to pump up my internet connection. Not only did it perform the reverse, but it took some registry work to remove/correct the changes it made. And this was after restoring to the original values. At least on this section, I was deflated.

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    There is no reason to use such programs. Windows has all tools you need onboard!
    If I hear GameBOOST blabla….your hardware can’t be faster and better than its specifications.

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    Perhaps the best assistant for the user !!!

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    Very nice program with many tools, but it needed 14 updates already, and it removed 286 Junk files after I already ran my other cleaners? Should I leave on Automatic Updates?

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    As a professionally certified computer technician for many years I will tell you to stay away from anything that makes all the claims this program does. There is no such thing as a one click fix. If there was I would be out of a job. I also don’t trust all the reviews that seem like they were all written by the same person who’s second language is English. I advise stay away.

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    Ein sehr gutes Programm. Nehmt es.

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    I love you KERISH

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    Robin Streatfield

    Many thanks for this programme; I duly installed & ran the initial scan & was amazed at what it found! A very comprehensive piece of software – I shall watch its effect with interest.

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    Peter Blaise

    [@Alexej] all v4.6 are the same regardless of the original installation program that was updated — users of 2015 and 2016 end up with the same v4.6, but it is funny that the title page still says 2015 or 2016, even though it is meaningless.

    Just click in [ Check for available updates ] twice — if the first try fails, just try again, the [ Install updates ].

    [ Installed components ] will then show [ … v4.60 … ]

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    Peter Blaise

    [@Alexej] please explain what you mean by ‘effect’?

    The program does exactly what it claims, which I summarize as “smoothing out the operating system by removing unneeded or conflicting operations, setting options for optimum reliability, and speed, enhancing safety, and integrity”, for any Windows system you can load it on.

    What are your concerns?

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    Peter Blaise

    [@3*i] I disagree.

    As another professionally certified computer technician for many years ( since 1969 ) I have experienced Kerish Doctor as unique in safety and effectiveness.

    It is a tool I use on all computers I service, as well as all computers I own and use, leaving the free version in operation for customers, the trial period is fully functional during my service, then their purchase decision for the ‘pro’ version is up to the customer to pursue.

    Of course there is no such thing as a one click fix for most failures, especially systems with mechanical and electronic failures, overheating systems full of dust, and systems infected with debilitating malware.

    Call a specific ( not random group-member ) experienced pro to come on site at least for the first visit if your computer offends you in any way — remote support is not appropriate for initial diagnostics ( remote support cannot identify surprises such as knowing if your computer sitting in the sun over your radiator with a humidifier aimed at the front panel, or sitting on the floor filled with room dust, nor can remote support reboot into CMOS settings or safe mode to check basic settings that come into play before engaging the Internet ).

    But, if there was a one-click fix-all, I would love my job all the more because I would be able to spend more time helping customers accomplish new things instead of ‘merely’ cleaning up messes.

    I also don’t trust all the reviews, period, regardless of if any seem like they were all written by the same person who’s second language is English, but I would never denigrate those programmers and users world wide who don’t speak English as being somehow inferior or untrustworthy merely because their English translations are somewhat naive ( though entertaining ).

    I encourage all professional technicians to try Kerish Doctor, and consider it not only as a valuable tool in their own toolbox, but also consider it from the point of view of end users who want to feel that the computer is being intelligently chaperoned, and will not present overwhelming technical challenges to them while they are just trying to use their computer for routine activities.

    I know how to install and use any tool safely, and how to avoid damaging a computer with an inapropriate tool or tool use, but I do not recommend unwarranted trust of those tools ( IObit, Bleeping Computer tools, and so on ).

    I have no fear of Kerish Doctor in end-user’s hands, based on hundreds of successful personal experiences witnessing improvements of safety, reliability, and speed.

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