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    Peter Blaise

    [ 1 ] Kerish Doctor, why do your different tools find different things when executing the supposedly same tasks, such that the [ Cleanup of junk files ] tool finds more junk than [ Full scan ( recommended ) ] finds — I’d prefer clearly identifying differences, perhaps between primary versus secondary scrubbing, or shallow versus deep scrubbing.

    [ 2 ] Why does Kerish Doctor ignore or misinterpret our mouse scroll settings, where I have 1-line-at-a-time chosen, but your lists move more or less than one line at a time, but never 1-line at a time — I’d prefer smooth scrolling, along with [ select all ] and [ unselect all ] options for any list.

    [ 3 ] Likewise, Kerish Doctor lists do not move one screen at a time when clicking in the scroll bars, again, smooth and predictable scrolling is preferred.

    [ 4 ] Does a check-mark in [ Optimization of services ] mean the service will be turned on, or off — I’d prefer selectable columns on the right unambiguously offering [ on at boot ] [ on at boot after delay ( specify timing ) ] [ on demand only when needed ] [ off ].

    [ 5 ] SSD drive makers suggest turning off prefetch and boot optimization, yet Kerish Doctor recommends those regardless — you smarter about SSD longevity and performance, or are you missing a technical bugaboo?

    [ 6 ] Also, when I rebuilt a computer after a mechanical failure, Kerish Doctor refused the original registration authorization claiming that the information was over-used in the wild — I suggest linking IP or a unique computer ID to allow us legitimate users to reinstall anytime during the registration period.

    So, for your next version, I recommend cleaning up the user interface and tools implementation to eliminate awkwardness and ambiguity.

    Otherwise, kudos to Kerish Doctor for defining a unique value in a crowded field ( a tool-set separately and severely invented by, and abandoned by, Peter Norton, Quarterdeck, and the original PC Tools by Central Point Software, for the historians among us, all of these companies were acquired by, and dismantled by, evil Symantec, by the way, who have no modern equivalent … does anyone take Symantec Norton Utilities seriously as a ‘modern’ tool? ).

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    Peter Blaise

    [@Bruce Weinstein] there’s a [ Restore previous network settings ] option within the [ Internet Booster ] tool of Kerish Doctor.

    Also, tools such as TCPIP Repair will reset your setting to as-installed — Google [ TCPIP Repair ], and BleepingComputer.com also has resetting tools, no need for registry diving.

    What internet connection do you have, and how did you test or confirm before versus after performance?

    Here’s a list of Kerish Doctor Internet Booster settings for over 5 Mbps ( image ) http://oi66.tinypic.com/16a66g5.jpg

    I notice that IObit and Badosoft and WinUtils and so on make some different settings, as do most other Internet tweaking programs, but I never sense much change in performance regardless.

    I test with SpeedOf.Me, SpeedTest.Net, Fast.com ( same as Slow.Com ! ), Google Speed Test ( yes, just search for [ Google speed test ] ! ) and many other tests.

    Note, if you have QOS set on your computer adapter AND in your router, those are settings with which you might find conflicts and variables, since each TCP-IP transmission standard gets queued by different priorities, file transfer below video streaming, and so on.

    You are not behind a proxy on your PC, router, or through your ISP unbeknownst to you, are you, where any changes that do not match the proxy expectations will misbehave?

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    Thanks super Kerish Doctor 2016………

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    Have to pass on this one. Such programs have such a checkered history that I’m not willing to introduce anything to a well working Win 10 x64 Pro. Ain’t broken, ain’t fixing. But to those who like a ‘challenge’ go for it.

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    Is Kerisch Doctor better than System Mechanic??

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    Peter Blaise

    [@Heinz] nope, Windows does not come with all the tools you’ll need, and nope, no computer runs any game at the computer’s smoothest and most responsive potential right out of the box, that’s what tweaking is all about — to customize your computer for each task — Microsoft is not savvy enough to get out of their own way.

    Plus each end user can spend hours researching what services and programs to toggle to get their PC to pay attention to them instead of to be collecting program data and sending to Microsoft and scanning for Microsoft in the background.

    Sure, a savvy person can do it manually … over and over every time they want to play a game with all the responsiveness they paid for.

    Or, they can use a program that automates it for them — well, whadyaknow, a program that automates a task — what will these computer geeks think of next?

    ( Why would someone who thinks Windows comes with everything be on this site anyway? )

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    Peter Blaise

    [@Danny] absolutely Kerish Doctor is better than System Mechanic — System Mechanic took a terrific name and ruined it with marketing bulldozer while never making their tools or interface effective and clean.

    Try Kerish Doctor — it can’t hurt.

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    Peter Blaise

    [@sludgehound] Kerish Doctor does absolutely nothing without showing you and getting your approval.

    Automation comes only after you decide to accept any suggestions to “do this again without asking”.

    You can run it, test it, browse through it’s recommendations, then say no, or uninstall it, no problem, no changes to your system, but only insight for you to consider.

    I especially like the ( reversible ) tweaks, like getting rid of “Libraries” display in Windows Explorer ( File Explorer for you — Microsoft renamed it so that there is little continuity between Windows versions ).

    Kerish Doctor is unlike any other program of it’s supposed type in that Kerish Doctor is super cautious, always offers detailed information before you decide to go ahead with changes, is totally reversible, and has never caused a misbehavior for me across hundreds of computers ( thank you Kerish Doctor for your fully functional first month trial that proves your value to folks, and keeps them from buying trash ).

    And, no, it is not a “one click” tool, it take a sequence of clicks to start and review and accept any change Kerish Doctor offers to make.

    I like the update listing for other programs on your computer, allowing direct access to updates and security patches — well done.

    All computers I have used Kerish Doctor on run smoother, more reliably, and more responsively to the end user — safer, too, by accepting it’s suggestions to turn off Microsoft’s constant sniffing, and closing any open, unprotected auto-shares.

    Don’t let bad programs prevent you from discovering good programs.

    Kerish Doctor is a good tool, totally safe, totally manual, until you decide to let it repeat previous, already approved-by-you tasks in the future — or not, keep it manual forever if you prefer.

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    Thanks for You Kerish Doctor

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    love it

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    burak er

    I get an “Invalid License” error when trying to activate this program. It says that the License has expired. What do I do now?


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    [@burak er]

    Hi burak er. :-)

    The sale for this program is ended in September 1st 2016.
    You can’t activate it later.

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    Kerish Doctor

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