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    Father Richard

    I can’t get used to this format. I just bought this package for less than the “pay what you want” and this time, I guess, I got the “deal”. It just doesn’t make sense to me the way this works. If you pay less than the “average” price, you only get the two courses that DON’T have the unlocked sign beside them. Once again, not shown until you buy, this is another “StackSkills” course bundle. I have had very good luck with this company. I am currently enrolled in 34 course with them (including the TWO I got for today’s “pay what you want”, thinking I was going to get 7, 4 of which I already have paid for). Since they don’t include the actual name of the course in their description, there is no way to really tell if I already have the course paid for. I could (and did) open StackSkills interface in another tab, bring up “my course”, click on the ones that might be the ones offered, check the number of lessons and the total hours, see if they are the same. Wouldn’t it be easier to just name the courses offered? Wouldn’t it be easier to just say, “if you pay less than the average, you only get the bottom two courses”? It seems intentionally misleading to say you “unlock” the courses by paying average or better that already show the unlock sign in the open screen. This is a real shame as the “back talk” is very negative about these offers when they are really great values from a company that, otherwise, is really pretty good. I strongly suggest not buying anything in these “bundles” if you don’t pay the “average” or better as the ones left say they were “free” when enrolling in them anyway. I don’t mind losing another $5.00 to StackSkills for one course I did not have already, and probably will never find a need for.
    CONCLUSION: This is a great company with a fantastic offer with a really BAD format to sell it. This marketing plan takes potential customers (many from what I’m reading elsewhere) and turns them against a company that should be applauded for making such courses available for such a reasonable price. It’s just that they need to fire their marketing department; or more probably, they need to hire one instead of letting “cousin Rupert” run marketing from his basement.
    Thanks Ashraf for the continued work bring us great deals.

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    Father Richard

    This is another great offer from StackSkills Company that is offered in a confusing way. If you don’t meet or exceed the “average” amount to pay, you only get the two bottom courses, not the 7 classes with the unlocked symbol next to them. It is easy to miss, but if you push the “pay what you want” button, the symbols on the top (better) 7 classes change to a “locked” symbol, and you don’t get them. When I signed up for the two bottom ones I got (I thought I had bought the upper 7) eventually to a sign up screen that says it was free anyway. I already had the other one that I “bought”. I have several courses with this company and believe it to be a good company. I think that, if marketed with honesty, this offer could be a very good value for someone who needs it. It is an offer of value only if you meet or beat the “average” payment. I do not think that the offer is clear. Right now, if you do not pay $19.36 for the offer, you get 2 (not 9) courses. The 2 courses are not great values (IMHO). I also would like for the names of the courses to be given so you can check to see if you want it; or, if you already have an account with them, if you already have bought it. Great Company, Good value (if you pay average or above), very poor sales plan (My opinion).

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