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    Sorry to say this is the rare Sharewareonsale program that just wouldn’t run for me. I downloaded and installed the program but was unable to register because when I tried to run it the program never stopped spinning that little circle. I had to go into the Task Manager to shut it down completely. I tried a second time with the same result. I am using Windows 11.

    Uninstalled and back to good ole Notepad. Any replacements are welcome.

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    I have successfully run this program in the past on Windows 7 but this time, I tried it on Windows 10. When I tried adding a file extension to the list for a language syntax (Properties; same as I have done in the past), the program reported:
    “Access to C:\Program Files\LopeSoft\LopeEdit\syntax\php.syn was denied.”

    The Apply button was grayed out, but the OK button should make it official.

    I tried running the program as administrator and there was no error, however, when I open a file with that extension, the syntax is still black letters only. Also, the Apply button is still grayed out.

    Does Windows 10 affect operation of these features of the program?

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