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    Have something to say about Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Jan Korgyik

    Kindly someone tell me that where is the option of entering serial key in Pro version………….The software is not demanding any key from me and keep in producing watermark!!!!!!

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    s i

    Kindly advise the version of this software. I already have – is this the same or not?

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    [@Jan Korgyik] Look at Top Left and you will see it will ask for the key. I forgot the exact words…

    [@Jan Korgyik]

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    Looks like a great software!
    Your service has surpassed GOTD by far!
    You offer great softwares.
    Much appreciated!

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    So does this stabilize time lapse video, or does it take normal video and make it appear to be time lapse?

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    [@drvajra] I downloaded and got the same version as you have.

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    Si, Today’s giveaway is the same as you have, Build, with a 2016 Microsoft copyright date.

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    Johnny Myrberg

    Cannot enter activation code. Only thing is a yellow line that beg me to enter activation code, but nothing happens when I click there. Help someone?

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    Johnny Myrberg

    Found out myself at last. A tiny line under the two words “activate now” almost as Microsoft do not want anuone to see it. Why not make the whole yellow line clickable?

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    Thanks Ashraf.

    A much appreciated addition to my video tools.

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    Where does the $99 price come from? It seems to be free on Microsoft’s site.

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    The .msi is exactly the one from microsoft’s site (the 2016 version). But it is not a free version! You have to buy a license to be able to remove the µ$ ads.

    For the price, I remember that on Mac, it was 49.99USD when it has been released. No idea on PC.

    As it is currently (and for years now) impossible to get the licence on the microsoft site, ’cause every different links (in the app (Windows or OSX), on the site, etc.) lead to an error page, it seems that the licence provided (the same for anyone) is the last mean to get a Pro Licence!
    You can copy&paste it directly, at least on the PC version.

    Thanks Ashraf!

    P.S. About the soft itself: Other tools can do better and simpler. If you just plan to shorten the length of the video, it works (and stabilizes it).
    Can also be used to change the frame rate or the resolution, with or without timelapse (you choose speed between 1 (original) and 25 times faster).

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    good software……but….. not a full HD & 4k output & not a color correction and not a image sequence import on this update..pls more function to update

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    SOS-giveaway – instead of 99 bucks…?
    Sorry, but I can get it from Microsoft and other sources for free since more than 2 years…

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