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    Have something to say about MSD Collections? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than MSD Collections, post it here! If you know of issues with MSD Collections, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Peter Blaise

    My “virtual” world: Thanks to computers and digital IP intellectual property conversion and distribution, I have migrated physical collections to “virtual” digital collections — hundreds of thousands of pieces of music and books and movies and videos and artwork ( painting, graphics, as well as photographs ).

    My “physical” world: However, there are also many times when I want to computerise an inventory, and then search, sort, and select, such as estate conversions when older folks pass on their physical IP collections, but helping probate lawyers know what’s been left behind, and helping acquisition and merger lawyers know the assets of a store or library.

    What a great and valuable service to design software that can help …

    … BUT …

    MSDsoft programs:

    — do not seem to have the ability to auto-FIND and auto-catalogue existing digital content on my computer systems and network ( I ain’t hand-typing half a million virtual data-entry records ),

    — and do not appear to connect with a scanner of any type to either scan covers, or read bar codes of real-world physical materials ( I ain’t hand-typing hundreds of thousands of physical data-entry records ),

    … as such, MSDsoft programs are absolutely useless for my “virtual” and “physical” world.

    If and when MSDsoft incorporates these essential COMPUTERISED capabilities, please present such new programs here for us to test.


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    Peter Blaise

    At their website, MSDsoft claims:

    “The information about Movies and Music can be automatically downloaded from Internet. No need to enter the information manually.” ( not books?!? )

    … but nowhere in the program does there appear to be any feature allowing the importing of my existing movies and music, so … how does it know what “… Movies and Music … [ to ] … automatically download … from Internet …” ?


    Just askin’.

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    Tom Orlando

    I have an extensive DVD collection and was looking forward to this software to catalog about 1000 titles, but, it seems, there is no facility for TV series which amount to about 20 percent of my titles. Is there any way to add a category like TV to MOVIES?

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    Elis Sc

    What it means: “You must redeem your license key before this offer has ended”.
    Can I install the program when I want even after the end of the offer? Can I download the installer when I want?
    It is not specified as in other offers you need to download and install before the offer ends. But you should write it. Because as far as I can see to register the product I have to do it within the program.

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    Ainda vou testar a ferramenta, mas me parece ser extremamente interessante. Obrigado à equipe Sharewareonsale e MSD Soft.

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